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Luxury Boat Journeys

What better way to explore far-flung shores and discover exotic cultures than by boat? Intrepid swashbucklers can choose from a range of sumptuous cruisers and exciting routes to perfectly suit their tastes. From charming, characterful boutique crafts meandering along mighty rivers and jungle-banked waterways, to vast, floating palaces that glide across the open ocean, there’s something for everyone. Aboard these luxury boats, travelers will find themselves conveyed to the docks of delightful destinations for enchanting excursions and alluring adventures. Back on board, life is a dream where every need is attended to: there are cozy cabins and deluxe suites to retire to, dining rooms and restaurants serving mouth-watering cuisine and bars, lounges and observation decks from which to enjoy breathtaking sunsets over the rippling waves. While travelers aboard our Luxury Boats will share the experience with other groups, custom and private boat charters are available in our Ultra-Luxe section.


Aqua Mekong

A float on the mighty Mekong River is the best way to take in the scenery of beautiful and historic Cambodia and Vietnam. With seven-night, four-night and three-night cruises to choose from, there’s something for everyone on the Aqua Mekong. Guests will enjoy sumptuous luxury in the spacious but cosy suites and gaze out of the enormous river-facing windows at the passing panoramas. Likewise, the dining room affords unparalleled views of the forests, temples, floating villages and pagodas as guests indulge in international cuisine and local delicacies by Michelin-starred chef David Thompson, surrounded by historic Asian artifacts.The top deck is where all the action is: guests can recline with a drink in the indoor and outdoor lounges, take a dip in the pool or enjoy a private screening of a classic film from the area. On lazy days, those in search of relaxation can peruse the library, browse handcrafted souvenirs in the on-board shop or unwind in the spa with a range of traditional treatments.


Sanctuary Yangzi Explorer

The Sanctuary Yangzi Explorer stands alone in terms of comfort and service. It is the only cruiser on the mighty Yangzi whose cabins and suites - some of the largest in the area - all boast private balconies from which guests can enjoy the Chinese panoramas as they glide by. Accommodating up to 124 passengers, it’s a uniquely boutique and intimate travel experience with warm and attentive service unavailable anywhere else on the river. Foodies can dine a la carte on the finest Chinese and international cuisines and learn to cook local delicacies with acclaimed chefs. Explorers can learn about the region with a variety of itineraries, on-board activities and site visits. Relaxation and indulgence is available in one of the river’s largest spa and fitness facilities; bookworms can curl up in the library, and those in search of beautiful sights can take in the views on the observation deck or be entertained in the on-board theater.


ABN Charaidew

Assam Bengal Navigation is famous for river cruising in India and their very first ship, the ABN Charaidew, is one of the longest established boats of the Brahmaputra River. Travelers can choose from four, seven or ten nights on the river, sailing between Calcutta and Dibrugarh,  taking in nature reserves, tea gardens, tribal village performances and endangered wildlife safaris. Accommodation aboard is cozy and comfortable and comes courtesy of the ship’s double and twin cabins, decorated - like the rest of the ship - with a characterful colonial flair. Guests can enjoy delicious meals in the sunny restaurant with its french doors flung wide for views of the passing river scenery or indeed, enjoy the panoramas from the uppermost observation deck. The limited accommodation allows for an intimate experience and guests can socialize in the ship’s saloon lounge after a day of excursions to see historical, cultural and natural wonders.

ABN Raj Mahal

Travelers aboard Assam Bengal Navigation’s newest cruiser, the beautiful Raj Mahal, have the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to experience the beautiful and enchanting scenery surrounding the mighty River Ganges. Guests can choose to spend six nights traveling downstream or eight nights sailing upstream, between the cities of Farakka and Patna, witnessing all the spectacular landscapes in between and stopping off to visit mosques, monasteries and temples, bazaars and villages. Guests can travel in comfort, retiring each evening to their fresh and stylishly-decorated cabins, all of which boast river-facing windows, perfect for a little reflection as the cruiser glides along. Delicious local and international dishes are served in the ship’s restaurant and guests can take in the morning air or enjoy sunset views on the canopied observation deck. What’s more, for those in need of a little pampering, the ship’s spa offers a range of indulgent treatments.

MV Mahabaahu

Guests aboard the MV Mahabaahu will be treated to an unforgettable journey on the beautiful Brahmaputra River, under the shadows of the Himalayan Mountains and surrounded by abundant wildlife. Whether for three, five or seven nights, down or upstream, the stunning countryside of Northeastern India and its tribal cultures is sure to captivate. Guests can choose from a range of cabin configurations to suit their requirements, all fitted with the creature comforts necessary to truly relax. Indian and continental cuisine is available in the ship’s elegantly-appointed restaurant and the weather can be enjoyed on the sundeck, or in the cooling outdoor pool. Fully-supervised excursions allow guests to further explore the region, guided by experienced Senior Officers. Guests in search of a little relaxation can browse the well-stocked library, enjoy a range of board games or truly unwind in the ship’s health spa with a range of indulgent treatments.


Belmond Road to Mandalay

Belmond cruisers offer the opportunity to explore Myanmar in style, aboard beautiful, sumptuous, floating accommodation. Spend three to 11 nights aboard the Road To Mandalay and experience the treasures of the Ayeyarwady River. This boat offers spacious, airy en-suite cabins, tastefully designed with guests’ comfort in mind. Breakfast is available in the room, while full buffet lunches and exquisite international dinners are served each day in the restaurant with delicious wine pairing options, to add a splash of indulgence. What’s more, there are talks from well-heeled guides and the chance to explore the stunning landscape of Myanmar, not to mention daily entertainment from resident and guest musicians and dancers. There is a well-equipped gym and fitness area while less active guests can relax with a drink on the observation deck or take a dip in the pool to unwind as the world sails by. This is one of the best ways to travel Myanmar.


Belmond cruisers offer the opportunity to explore Myanmar aboard gorgeous luxury, floating accommodation. Guests may choose from seven or eleven nights on the Orcaella and cruise along the Ayeyarwady and Chindwin Rivers from which all the wonders of this beautiful country can be discovered. There is a range of cabin configurations to perfectly suit the needs of all travelers and delicious meals and colorful cocktails can be enjoyed in the restaurant and bar on the boat’s top deck. What’s more, lectures and excursions led by experienced guides will enhance the travel experience, while spectacular nightly shows by resident and guest performers will add excitement and drama to the adventure. Guests have a world of options at their fingertips, including unwinding with a drink on the observation deck, cooling off in the pool, staying in shape in the well-equipped gym, indulging in a range of treatments in the well-being area or picking up beautiful, unique souvenirs in the on-board boutique.

Sanctuary Ananda

The Sanctuary Ananda seeks to truly cater to guests’ every need whilst delivering gorgeous, uninterrupted views of the stunning Burmese scenery, in tastefully decorated, elegant surroundings. A choice of 20 cabins, all of which face outwards with a balcony, are all equipped with air conditioning and WiFi, with en-suite bathrooms featuring top quality toiletries. Guests can enjoy local and international cuisine, buffet and a la carte, al fresco or in the Talifoo restaurant; drinks can be enjoyed in the lounge or out on the deck at sunset. There are activities to suit all tastes, from sunrise yoga and swimming on the deck, body maintenance in the gym and lectures and demonstrations about local culture and history in the lounge, to complement the daily excursions into Myanmar. What’s more, Thambyadine spa offers all manner of pampering and treatments. Travelers will be mesmerized by the temples and pagodas of Myanmar aboard this floating palace.


Sepik Spirit

Intrepid travelers can explore the mysterious and beautiful Sepik River and discover the secrets of Northwestern Papua New Guinea with a stay on the Sepik Spirit, an idyllic floating lodge in the middle of the river’s waters. From here, guests can make excursions on nippy speedboats into the river’s tributaries to explore the region, visit spirit houses, villages and tribes, meet the locals and witness the ancient cultures and customs such as tribal dancing, music and discussions with local elders. After a long day of exploration with knowledgeable guides, guests can return to the Sepik Spirit for delicious, artfully-prepared meals in its beautiful dining room, to enjoy sunset on the upper deck, sip a cool drink in the bar or to relax in the lounge areas. Finally, when the day is done, comfortable, spacious cabins beckon for a peaceful night’s sleep.

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