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Komodo: Cruising the Island of Hidden Treasures

Embark on an unforgettable three-day excursion to some of the most beautiful islands in Indonesia. Start the tour by sailing to the breathtaking Kelor Island, where you’ll be spoiled by untouched beaches and clear blue waters. After, visit the island of Mesa, home to the Bajau “Sea Gypsies”. Here, you’ll have the opportunity to witness local life as you pass by traditional stilt houses that sit above the water. On the second day, hike through Komodo National Park, and come face to face with the deadly Komodo dragon. Learn more about these mysterious creatures as a park ranger leads you to their secret nests and dens. Finally, visit the famous Pink Beach and be captivated by the twinkling pink sand under your feet.

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  • Journey to the secret lairs of the deadly Komodo dragon in Komodo National Park
  • Snorkel in crystal blue water and experience beautiful marine life in Kelor Island
  • Dig your feet in glimmering pink sand at the famous Pink Beach
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Day by Day Itinerary

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Day 1
Labuan Bajo to Loh Buaya Bay

Begin the amazing excursion by boarding a private pinisi, an Indonesian style schooner, in Labuan Bajo and set sail to the beautiful island of Kelor. Here, you’ll experience paradise as you soak up the sun on pristine beaches and swim in crystal blue water. Take this opportunity to also snorkel and explore, as Kelor is home to an abundance of exotic sea life. Next, head to the island of Mesa, home to the Bajau “Sea Gypsies,” and witness a rare traditional Indonesian lifestyle. See fisherman pull up bounties of fish and admire their stilt houses, which sit several feet above the water. After, depart for Loh Buaya Bay where we will stay overnight at anchor. Finish the day off with a delicious dinner on board under the stars.

Day 2
Komodo Island

Start the day by going ashore on the island of Komodo and hike through Komodo National Park. Here, you’ll see the famous and frightening Komodo dragon along with beautiful horses, deer, and buffalo. Continue to hike up the Rinca hills and be captivated by the breathtaking view from the top. Next, return to the ship and sail to the stunning Pink Beach where you’ll enjoy another unforgettable snorkelling session. End the day by heading to Loh Liang Bay for anchorage.

Day 3
Komodo to Labuan Bajo

On the final day, head back to the island of Komodo and journey where few have traveled as a park ranger leads you to the secret lairs of Komodo dragons. Here, you’ll see their unique dens and nests while learning more about the ancient lizard. After, set sail out of Loh Liang Bay and find one last paradisiacal beach to enjoy a final swim and suntan. In the late afternoon, we wish you farewell as you depart the schooner in Labuan Bajo .


Suggested Accommodations

Private Schooner

Private Schooner

Navigate the waterways and explore the islands in luxurious style and comfort on your private schooner. Remote Lands offers a range of vessels for your stay, with air-conditioned cabins, en-suite bathrooms and spacious decks on which to relax and admire the views. With your own private boat, you will have the freedom to explore this amazing territory at your leisure, stopping off for diving, island-hopping, snorkeling, swimming and trekking. Schooners are equipped with a full crew, in order to make your stay as comfortable and special as possible.

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