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Maumere to Manado: A Cruise into Indonesia's Past

See a side of Indonesia that remains untouched by the modern world with this exhilarating 14-day tour. Begin the epic adventure by boarding a luxurious cruise ship in Maumere and sailing to the island of Kumba. Here, you’ll enjoy snorkeling through turquoise water and beautiful coral reefs. Continue to Buton Island and take a stroll through the ancient Wolio Palace. Next, reach the pristine Morowali National Park and meet members of the archaic Wana tribe. Finish the amazing tour by hiking through lush rainforests in Peleng and visiting colonial sites in Gorontalo. 

  • Snorkel on Kumba Island and see beautiful coral reefs and tropical fish
  • Visit the ancient Wolio Palace on Buton Island and uncover Indonesian history
  • Trek through Morowali National Park and meet members of the ancient Wana tribe
  • Take a stroll through Gorontalo and admire colonial houses and historic sites 
Day by Day Itinerary

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Day 1
Maumere Lembata

Begin your journey by boarding a luxurious cruise ship in Maumere. Lift anchor and sail overnight to the island of Lembata. In the evening, enjoy a beautiful sunset from the deck and indulge in your first delicious dinner at sea.

Day 2
Lembata - Kumba

At sunrise, anchor in Waienga Bay on Lembata Island and go ashore to explore the idyllic landscape. Here, you’ll walk through Jontona, a traditional village famous for Ikat, a unique dyeing process used to pattern textiles. Next, hike up Ile Ape Mountain and admire the serene wilderness. After, return to ship and sail to the island of Kumba in the evening.

Day 3
Kumba - Tukang Besi Archipelago

Start the day by visiting Kumba Island, which is home to an active volcano. Head for land and enjoy a long walk on pristine pebble beaches. Next, strap on a snorkel and jump under the crystal blue sea to experience exotic coral reefs and tropical fish. Depart from Kumba in the afternoon and cruise to the Tukang Besi archipelago.

Day 4
Tukang Besi Archipelago

Spend the day in the beautiful Tukang Besi archipelago and visit villages home to Bajau “Sea Gypsies”. Here, you’ll immerse yourself in traditional Indonesian life and culture. See fishermen busy at work, using trident harpoons and bamboo spears to hunt giant stingrays, and admire their impressive stilt houses, which sit above the water.

Day 5

In the morning, depart the Tukang Besi archipelago and make your way to Bau-Bau, a historic harbour on Buton Island. Travel to shore and visit the ancient Wolio Palace, which once was the center of the Buton kingdom. Inside the palace, you’ll step into one of the oldest mosques in eastern Indonesia.

Day 6

Reach the island of Muna in the early afternoon. Here, you’ll take a stroll through the traditional village of Bolo and interact with locals. Next, hike into spectacular limestone caves and see ancient wall paintings inside. After, return to ship and spend the night at anchor.

Day 7
Muna Tolo Bay

Depart from Muna and sail past the east coast of Sulawesi to Tolo Bay. Enjoy a day at sea and marvel at the endless islands that pass you by. In the evening, you’ll gaze at a night sky, coated with glimmering stars from the deck.

Day 8
Tolo Bay - Kolonodale

Arrive in the enchanting Tolo Bay and trek to Kolonodale, a quaint harbor town hidden deep in the narrow bay. Here, you’ll take a stroll through lush rainforest and be captivated by scenic hills and jungles. After, head back to the cruise and stay the night at the pier.

Day 9
Kolonodale Morowali

Hop on a local boat in Kolonodale in the morning and make your way to the Morowali National Park. Deep in the untamed rainforest, you’ll come face-to-face with members of the Wana tribe, a community that still follows a traditional prehistoric lifestyle. Here, you’ll see locals hunt with blowpipes and gather forest materials for survival. In the late afternoon, return to ship and sail out of Tolo Bay.

Day 10

Today, you’ll tour the remote islands of Banggai, a stunning archipelago rarely visited by tourists. Here, you’ll take a stroll through an ancient palace, which once was home to a royal sultan. In the evening, anchor in one of the bays and relax onboard the cruise.

Day 11
Peleng Gorontalo

Today, you’ll journey farther into the Banggai archipelago and stop at Peleng Island. In the morning, you’ll step on land and hike through gorgeous mountains and dense forest. Keep your eyes open to see a variety of exotic birds. In the afternoon, lift anchor and sail across the Gorontalo Basin.

Day 12

When the sun rises, you’ll head to the shores of Gorontalo, a rustic town on the southern coast of Sulawesi. Here, you’ll step back time while touring colonial houses and historic sites. You’ll also see horse carts still used as public transportation.

Day 13

Today, you’ll spend the day exploring the traditional fishing village of Nuangan. Take a stroll through the quaint village and experience local life and culture. In the afternoon, discover the alluring beaches near Nuangan and spoil yourself with a refreshing swim in crystal clear ocean. You’ll also have the opportunity to snorkel and see tropical coral reefs.

Day 14
Manado - Departure

On your final day, reach the island of Manado and depart the cruise ship from Bitung harbor. Here, we say farewell, and are more than happy to assist you with your next travel plans. For the remainder of the day, we recommend visiting the Tangkoko National Park, located two hours away from Bitung. Here, you can trek through endless green forests and see the Tarsius, the smallest primate in the world.


Suggested Accommodations

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Private Schooner

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