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East Gobi and the Khan Khentii: Mongolia Private Jet Adventure

Uncover the scenic treasures of Mongolia with this exquisite seven-day tour. You will begin your adventure in the capital of Ulaanbaatar and travel by private charter flight to remote areas of the country. Head to the East Gobi Desert and spend a few days in Ikh Nart, a nature reserve bursting with exotic wildlife and pristine landscapes. Here, you will have the chance to see the famous Argali sheep and the long-horned Siberian ibex. You will also meet friendly local herders and experience traditional Mongolian life by staying in comfortable ger camps, accommodation still used to this day by nomadic people. After, you’ll fly to the gorgeous Khan Khentii wildlife preserve, a region bursting with lush pastureland, beautiful flowers and wildlife. Here, you’ll venture into untouched wilderness and set your own journey pace by choosing to explore by foot, raft or on horseback.

Why travel by private aircraft?

Traveling via private aircraft is the ultimate way to experience Mongolia. The biggest advantage is the savings of valuable time. By flying on your own personal plane, you’ll never have to deal with transfers, flight delays or cancellations. Furthermore, you’ll have the opportunity to discover exclusive and distant destinations, usually inaccessible to travelers. Mongolia is yours to discover with your own Cessna Caravan – a luxurious and comfortable choice for your Mongolian getaway.

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  • Discover the famous long-horned Siberian ibex and other fascinating wildlife in Ikh Nart
  • Horseback ride through the majestic Hentii Mountains
  • Interact with local herders and learn about Mongolian life and culture
  • Experience traditional life and the great outdoors by staying in accommodating ger camps
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Day by Day Itinerary

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Day 1
Ikh Nart

Start your amazing journey in the capital of Ulaanbaatar, and meet your welcoming Mongolian guide in the morning. Board your personal plane and take a scenic flight over the stunning grassland steppe. In the afternoon, you’ll arrive in Ikh Nart and spend the night at a traditional ger camp. Here, you’ll enjoy a night of comfort in fully-collapsible lodges built in the nomadic style.

Day 2
Ikh Nart

You’ll spend today uncovering Ikh Nartiin Chuluu Nature Reserve, a breathtaking region home to a plethora of unique nature and wildlife. After breakfast, hop in a vehicle and drive to remote rocky areas to discover the fascinating Argali sheep and long-horned Siberian ibex. Then enjoy an afternoon of birdwatching and spot exotic species flying high in the sky.

Day 3
Ikh Nart

Enjoy a second day of exploration in Ikh Nart and interact with hospitable herders who migrate in and out of the nature reserve on a daily basis. Learn about traditional Mongolian life and culture as you witness locals hard at work while tending to animals. You’ll also learn about research efforts in the area, which focus on many species of mammals, including the Corsac fox, red fox, the mysterious lynx and wolf species.

Day 4

After breakfast, step into your private plane and fly to the serene Khan Khentii nature preserve. Situated along the winding Tuul River, Khan Khentii makes the perfect destination for pristine wilderness and tranquil isolation. In the afternoon, take a scenic hike or ride to the local ger camp and finish the day with a delicious dinner prepared by skilled chefs.

Day 5

Today, you’ll venture farther into Khan Khentii, a protected region blanketed with rich pastureland, vibrant wildflowers and wildlife. Here, you’ll choose the pace of your journey and travel by foot, raft, or on horseback. In the afternoon, make your way to the alluring Hentii Mountains and admire the breathtaking landscape carpeted with lush birch forests.

Day 6

Wake up in paradise and enjoy another day exploring the untouched beauty of Khan Khentii. After breakfast, you’ll head north and explore uninhabited wilderness. Here, you’ll have the opportunity to come face-to-face with elusive wolves, wild boar, moose, red deer, marmots, gazelles and more. Along the way, you’ll also admire serene rivers, gorgeous steppe valleys, and captivating meadows.

Day 7

On your final day, you’ll take one last picturesque private flight and return to Ulaanbaatar in the morning. Here, we wish you farewell and are more than happy to assist you with your next travel arrangements. In the afternoon, you’ll head to Chinggis Khaan International Airport and check in for your flight home or to your next exciting destination.


Suggested Accommodations

Ger Camp in Ikh Nartiin Chuluu Nature Reserve (East Gobi)

Ger Camp in Ikh Nartiin Chuluu Nature Reserve (East Gobi)

Stay in a traditional Mongolian ger camp, the typical dwelling of the local nomadic people. Ikh Nartiin Chuluu Nature Reserve (Ikh Nart) is located in Dornogobi Aimag (East Gobi). The reserve was established in 1996 by local people partnering with international organizations for research and the conservation of the Ikh Nartiin Chuluu Plateau. The community reserve comprises of 66,000 hectares of grassland and semi-desert plain environments. The area is very rocky and has unique wildlife including the world’s largest mountain sheep, gazelle, vultures and the rare Siberian ibex. You will stay and travel amongst the local communities who have set aside space for responsible tourism. If you wish to stay in more refined accommodation than what’s available, Remote Lands can arrange for a luxury ger camp for your trip.
Ger Camp, The Terelj Hotel

Ger Camp

Stay in a low impact ger camp, in the heights of the Tuul River Valley, run by the principles of ecotourism. The camp is located in Jalman Meadows, next to Jalman Mountain, a vast meadow beside the Tuul River, which in the summer blooms with a profusion of wildflowers. This conservation area is within the Khan Khentii Strictly Protected Area, and stretches right up to the Russian-Siberian frontier. The camp is accessible from Ulaanbaatar by 4WD (approximately 3 hours) or by bus (approximately 3.5 hours).

The camp can accommodate a maximum of 30 guests in double occupancy tents. It prides itself on being a camp that is non-destructive towards the local environment and people. The camp contributes to local communities by creating employment based on traditional livelihoods. Local people work for the camp providing the provision of yak carts, packhorses, horse riding and labor. The camp is made up from fully collapsible ger tents, long drop style toilets which allow for natural decomposition, a cozy candle-lit library, portable hot water showers and a separate waste disposal unit. Some of the camp’s electricity is produced from solar panels and windmills. The hotel-camp can be relocated leaving no more effect on the land than a local nomadic family campsite would.

The Terelj Hotel

The Terelj Hotel provides a luxurious base from which to explore the wonders of the Mongolian outdoors in the Gorkhi-Terelj National Park, one of the most carefully protected parklands in the country and part of the Khan Khentii Strictly Protected Area, an expansive, virtually uninhabited wilderness. Terelj Hotel is only 43 miles north of the Mongolian capital Ulaanbaatar, near to the birthplace of Mongolia’s Great Unifier Chinggis Khaan (Ghengis Khan). The hotel itself boasts just 52 elegant suites, overlooking views of the Mongolian larch trees in front of the hotel or the Tereji River and surrounding mountains. The rooms are spacious with separate living areas and marble bathrooms. Rooms are well-appointed with classic furniture and quality upholstery, the sumptuous bedding comprises layers of Egyptian cotton and Mongolian cashmere blankets. Traditional Mongolian and local artworks are displayed throughout the hotel and guest suites. Hotel facilities include a spa, Jacuzzi, pine sauna, steam room, swimming pool, fitness center, winter movie theater and ice-skating rink and complimentary WiFi. Dining options include Morin Khuur, serving refined Mongolian cuisine paired with wines in an exquisite dining hall decorated with antique Mongolian saddles and artifacts; a restaurant overlooking the river serving western delicacies, as well as Argali serving burgers, steak and over 70 different whiskeys; a café with fresh coffee and French pastries; and a lounge bar.

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