We are intrepid travelers who love to get off the beaten track to explore. Remote Lands did a great job of arranging our trip to some of the less trodden parts of Indonesia.
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Cruising Indonesia with Aman: Eight Days on the Equator

Starting in the far eastern Indonesian coastal city of Sorong, this eight-day cruise takes you across arguably the country’s most spectacular region, made up of thousands of island and islets dotted around the equator. Along the way, there is ample opportunity to dive, snorkel or just swim, exploring the reefs and rich supply of sea life down below. After cruising to the popular diving spot at Mioskon, the tour makes its way on to Yanggefo (where you’ll be spending the night in the wildnerness), Aljuibay and the Kaweand - right on the equator. Take a dip in the famous azure-blue lagoons at Wayagfor, before mustering up the energy to scale the 5,000-foot Mt Pinditoto. The tour winds down near Yanggefoand - where you’ll spend another night under the stars - eventually reaching the final destination of Sorongfor, a great spot for manta spotting with your snorkel set. 

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  • Dive, snorkel and swim your way around the spectacular ‘Waigeo’ shoreline
  • Visit a fascinating pearl farm near Kaweand, learning more about this lucrative industry
  • Scale the magnificent Mt Pinditoto, which tops out at nearly 5,000 feet
  • Cruise along to the stunning Yanggefoand, spending the night underneath the shelter of the mangroves
  • Go manta-spotting with your snorkel set at Sorongfor
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Day by Day Itinerary
Day 1

Arrive in the far-eastern Indonesian coastal city of Sorong for your transfer on to the Amandiraand ship – your home for the next week or so. A warm welcome from the crew awaits along with a quick lunch before embarking on the cruise. The first six-hour stretch heads to Mioskon, passing many spectacular islands along the way, most notably ‘Batantaand Krias’.

Day 2

Awake to the spectacular scenery around Mioskon and Waigeoin before enjoying a light breakfast on board. Much of the day’s activities involve being on – or in – the water as you dive, snorkel and cruise around ‘Waigeo’, passing by local villages with lunch included on the way. The final destination is the magnificent Yanggefo, where there’s further chance for snorkeling, diving or kayaking around the mangroves. This second night will be spent away from the boat, in the wilderness of Yanggefo.

Day 3

Wake up to the birdsong of the many different species that have made this area home. After breakfast, there is the option to dive, snorkel, swim or kayak around the nearby waters. This will give you a chance to let off some steam before a three-hour journey cruiser to Alguibay, a journey that passes with several isolated islands for which Raja Ampathas is so famous. At Alguibay, there’s more time set aside for diving – or you can just relax on the decks.

Day 4

A morning visit to a pearl farm awaits after breakfast. Visiting this interesting stop-off is a chance to learn more about how this lucrative industry works directly from its source, and you’ll see how the pearls are extracted from their ‘mother’. Afterwards, there’s more snorkeling or diving at one of the select spots before setting course for Kaweand and the equator islands in the afternoon. Cross the equator before anchoring up for another night on board.

Day 5

After a night of gently being lulled by the ocean waves directly on the equator, jump in the water again to explore the abundance of sea life and reefs down below. The following part of the day takes you on to Wayagfor – a particularly picturesque spot with a series of azure lagoons – great for more snorkeling and diving.

Day 6
Mt Pinditoto/Yanggefoand

Disembark the Amandiraand for dry land; make sure you get your fill at breakfast as this morning’s activity involves scaling the magnificent Mt Pinditoto. Enjoy the breathtaking views from the top before heading back down for some more action in the water. After lunch, set course during the mid-afternoon for Yanggefoand; it’s here where you’ll be spending the night underneath the mangroves.  

Day 7

The morning cruise takes you onto a nearby spot well-known for its abundance of mantas. You’ll be able to jump in the water with them as they don’t hurt (although they can grow up to five meters in ‘wingspan’). After lunch, it’s back to the comfort of the boat, which makes its way towards Sorongfor for overnight anchorage.

Day 8

This eighth day marks the end of this cruise around Indonesia. Take time for breakfast, pack up your things and say goodbye to the friendly crew who have looked after you for the past week. The tour includes all onwards transportation to the airport, where you can catch a flight to your next destination of choice.  

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