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Kinchigune to Kaltota: Camping and Trekking in Sri Lanka

This unforgettable three-day tour in the wilds of Sri Lanka will leave you invigorated and spellbound. Starting from the nearly-submerged village of Kinchigune, you’ll explore the impressive Samanalawewa Reservoir and its rural surroundings before leaving civilization behind, save for the abandoned gem mines you’ll see further on in your mountain adventure. Follow the river Walawe along its valley bed, through mountainous and jungle terrain, surrounded by soaring peaks and wild animals living nearby. Camp by the river and at the base of the jaw-dropping Duvili Ella waterfall before you make your way back to human habitation, with Kaltota as your final destination. 

  • Take a beautiful walk through historic rural villages
  • Hike down the mountain pass to the Walawe valley to camp overnight
  • Swim in crystal waters of the Walawe river
  • Marvel at the majestic Duvili Ella waterfall
Day by Day Itinerary
Day 1
Walawe valley

The adventure begins at Kinchigune, a historic and self-sufficient village on the edge of the Samanalawewa Reservoir, where you'll explore the nearby paddy fields and surrounding rural villages. Discover indigenous vegetation growing around sacred temples, and walk through lush forest and dry savanna before hitting the mountain trail down to the Walawe river. After a refreshing dip in the cool waters, relax for the remainder of the day in the gorgeous valley where you will camp for the night.

Day 2
Duvili Ella

Continue the journey today with a trek through the ravine, following the course of the river with soaring peaks either side, the terrain underfoot changing constantly. Meander your way around abandoned gemstone mines to reach Hulang Ella waterfall, a great place to stop for a picturesque picnic. Continue your walk to see the river divide into three tributaries and enjoy the cool shade of the forest you share with exotic inhabitants, including elephants, deer, hawks and lizards. Finally, reach Duvili Ella, an even grander waterfall that plunges for 80 feet. Down at its base is cool, flat ground, perfect for making camp after a long day's hike.

Day 3

Your final day of exploration will see you make your way to the village of Kaltota. Follow the steep foothills that slope down to the river valley and stop for an invigorating swim along the way. Finally, say goodbye to the beautiful mountainous scenery as you continue on to your next exciting destination.

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