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Ride on the Wild Side: Motorcycling along Vietnam's Historic Ho Chi Minh Trail

The Ho Chi Minh Trail provides intriguing lore and intense terrain, sure to excite motorcycle riders of all levels of expertise. Once used as the supply line linking North and South Vietnam during the American-Vietnamese war, the Ho Chi Minh trail has returned to its origins as a dense jungle environment, though paved roads allow for motorcyclists to pass through. Journey through this stunning and exotic landscape, experiencing the beauty of Vietnam with visits to World Heritage Sites Phong Nha Cave and Khe Bang National Park. Explore the former imperial capital of Hue and trading center of Hoi An, and pass by sites of historical importance including the Demilitarized Zone and the Hien Luong Bridge.

  • Taste the delicious Vietnamese dishes that inspired Celebrity Chef Gordon Ramsay
  • Ride along Vietnam’s most remote jungle trails Adventure into Phong Nha Cave on your own boat                                                                                        
  • Explore the ancient streets of beautiful Hue and Hoi An
Day by Day Itinerary
Day 1

After an early arrival in Hanoi, explore the Ho Chi Minh Trail Museum before hopping on your bike to begin your trail exploration. Ride today’s 89 miles past a sea of paddy fields and sculptural limestone formations. After a satisfying lunch of local cuisine, journey over two mountain passes before descending into the valley settlement of Mai Chau, where you’ll enjoy a delicious dinner praised by world-renowned chef Gordon Ramsay.

Day 2

Begin today’s 186-mile ride along the rolling banks of the Ma River until reaching the Ho Chi Minh Highway. Follow this road south through remote, jungle-covered backcountry. After a tasty local lunch, ride east, enjoying scenic coastal views until reaching the ocean-side city of Vinh. Spend a peaceful evening tasting local food and drink before tucking in for the night in the beautiful Saigon Kim Lien Hotel.

Day 3
Phong Nha

After a light breakfast, begin today’s 174-mile ride south along Highway One, continuing inland to the Lao border. Enjoy a piece of history while passing by the Dong Loc Intersection, the start of the Ho Chi Minh Trail; ride further into remote jungle and watch in awe as the scenery quickly fills with dramatic limestone rock formations. After lunch, explore Phong Nha Cave by boat; later, spend an elegant evening in the charming Saigon Phong Nha Hotel.

Day 4
Khe Sanh

After breakfast, continue south into the exotic primary forest of Khe Bang National Park. Classic villages and dense jungle surround you for miles in this remote portion of the trail. Spend the afternoon lunching on local cuisine and learning intriguing pieces of history that took place along this 143-mile stretch of trail passes. Later, explore the marine base of Khe Sanh and enjoy an evening in the Thai Ninh Hotel.

Day 5

After a relaxing hotel breakfast, explore the Khe Sanh museum before beginning today’s 99-mile journey down the coast. Adventure across areas of historical importance as you pass the former Demilitarized Zone, the Hien Luong Bridge and the Vinh Moc Tunnels. After lunch, continue riding into the beautiful city of Hue for a relaxing evening at the Morin Hotel.

Day 6

Spend the day off the road exploring the city streets of Hue, stopping in local stores and restaurants for shopping and lunch. Later, enjoy a tranquil boat cruise along the rolling Perfume River, opting to journey through the tombs of former emperors Minh Mang and Tu Duc or explore the remains of the Imperial Citadel, largely destroyed during the Tet Offensive.

Day 7

After a tasty breakfast, return to the road to complete your final 87 miles of trail. Ride across several stunning mountain vistas, and pass through Da Nang and China Beach, the location of the first American troop landing during the war. After a quick stop for lunch, journey into Hoi An to explore the charming UNESCO World Heritage Ancient Town and enjoy a peaceful night in the Vinh Hung Resort.


Suggested Accommodations

Mai Chau Lodge

Mai Chau Lodge

Nestled amongst the tribal villages in the rolling, green valley of Mai Chau you will find the remote Mai Chau Lodge. This entirely unique approach to cultural exploration and relaxation combined will satiate every one of your senses and adventurous expectations. A fantastic blend of modern comfort, breathtaking natural beauty, rich history and culture, will leave you with lasting memories of your stay in Vietnam. Your Mai Chau experience is sure to be memorable and action packed, with a full range of activities - from swimming to kayaking, to cycling and rock climbing - you will not have a dull moment during your stay. The Mai Chau Lodge offers guests comfortable accommodation with a choice of mountain or valley views, along with access to all of the hotel’s impressive facilities. Rooms are tastefully designed with a focus on textiles and traditional furnishings and are equipped with Western style bedding. High ceilings and large windows enhance your space giving the room a peaceful and uplifting feel. 

Tra Vinh Palace Hotel

Tra Vinh Palace Hotel

The Palace Hotel is situated perfectly for travellers who want to explore the beautiful city of Tra Vinh and its cultural, historic and natural sites. This beautifully renovated, well-equipped hotel is known for its hospitality. Guest’s experiences are enhanced by the warm, friendly and caring atmosphere created by the hotel’s dedicated staff. Set on a sleepy back street, this locally-rated 4-star hotel achieves its palatial aspirations with intricate plasterwork, pink columns, terracotta tiling and embellished balconies. The spacious rooms are traditionally decorated with ornate mother-of-pearl-inlaid wooden furniture and high ceilings. 

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