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Lake Borovoe

There is a Kazakh legend that when God created the world, he gave the area now known as Kazakhstan only arid steppe. The people were disappointed and implored God to bestow some natural beauty on their land. Answering their prayers, God gave them the beautiful oasis that is the Borovoe region. Sometimes known as Borovoye or Burabay, the area is in the northwest of Kazakhstan, near the Russian border.

Nicknamed the Switzerland of Kazakhstan, Borovoe is blanketed with lush green meadows and verdant forests, home to hundreds of animals and birds and crystal blue lakes which are well stocked with myriad species of fish. Visitors flock for the clean air, picturesque views and to participate in invigorating activities such as hiking and swimming. The region has a continental climate with hot summers and very cold, snowy winters, perfect for skiers. The cliffs and mountains are moulded by the weather into fascinating shapes, each of which has its own legend.

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