A thousand thanks to the people of Remote Lands. You were lovely to work with and fulfilled with excellence every promise you made.
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Paksong is famous, the world round, for its coffee. During the days of French colonialism the Arabica coffee plant was introduced to the area and has since continued to thrive. A combination of ideal soil conditions, climate and high altitude make for some of the best tasting coffee in the world! Visiting Paksong is like taking a step back in time; the outside world has had very little influence on the development of this bustling little community and all its relative progress. Here you can immerse yourself in culture, tradition and authentic lifestyle experiences. Meet and interact with local people - it is in places like Paksong that you can create intimate personal bonds with people worlds apart from yourself. The rest of the world could take a note in sustainable living and development from this community that moves at a pace all its own. The coffee tradition in the area sustains the regions nearly 5,000 families who have grown and evolved with the coffee farming and trading. These families are devoutly loyal to the community and set an example for the popular buy local, eat local trend that only recently caught on in the developed world.

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