Our private jet was a very important part of our trip. Most of the legs were less than 30 minutes, compared to six to 10 hours if we traveled by road. Overall, we had a fantastic trip to a new country for us. Remote Lands never fails!
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East Coast Scenic Area

Known as "Taiwan's last unspoiled land", the island's east coast is a string of beautiful, scenic spots, connected by road. Visitors and locals make the drive from Taiwan's southern tip, along the coastal highway and up to the mouth of Hualien River and Taroko National Park in the north. To the east lies the blue expanse of the Pacific Ocean, swirling around Green Island, and to the west, the Coastal Mountain Range soars up over the road. Centuries of erosion and tectonic activity have created varied and stunning topography from sandy beaches to rugged cliffs, reefs that hug the shores and inland caves and grottos. From surfing and hiking in Kenting National Park, to visits with the tribal communities indigenous to Taitung county and the healing waters of the hot springs at Chihpen, there's something for everyone along the coast. What's more, offshore, sailing and whale-watching enthusiasts will be delighted, and further out, Green Island is well-worth a visit for its range of adventures and sights.

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Our co-founder & CEO Catherine Heald loves this often overlooked little country, especially its beautiful landscapes and fascinating National Palace Museum.
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