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Langar is located at the end of the Wakhan Valley and is the point where the Wakhan and Pamir rivers combine to make the Pyanj. The village is set deep within the gorge, where steep, rocky slopes surround the verdant green valley. Although it's a secluded village, the locals are nonetheless proud of their home; houses are immaculately kept and a diversity of plants and flowers keep it synonymous with the verdant valley.

The scenery here is timeless. Just a short walk out of the village will give visitors breathtaking views over the canyon and the azure river. With many years of history in this region, the valley is peppered with archaeological remains, from historical ruins to ancient petroglyphs. It's a seldom-visited village that will take visitors back in time to how the indigenous farmers have lived here for centuries. Through this simple way of life, a pure and natural beauty shines through, where nature's blues and greens shine more brightly and the only sounds that can be heard are the wind rustling through the trees and the gentle gushing of the river.

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