Our private jet was a very important part of our trip. Most of the legs were less than 30 minutes, compared to six to 10 hours if we traveled by road. Overall, we had a fantastic trip to a new country for us. Remote Lands never fails!
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Lunch on the Great Wall

Make the ultimate traveler’s pilgrimage to the Great Wall of China, one of the “new seven wonders of the world”. Trace the steep winding path of the majestic wall through Chinese mountain ridges. Observe the crumbling original sections of the wall as you try to imagine the years of labor accredited to building the iconic formation. Take a cable car to Jinshanling, a section of the ancient structure where the Chinese successfully repelled Mongol invaders about 600 years ago.  Enjoy a picnic lunch at a scenic spot as you absorb the atmospheric Wall’s history and culture.   

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Balloon Over Bagan

Soar above one of the world’s foremost archaeological wonders: 2,000 Hindu and Buddhist temples and pagodas in Bagan, Myanmar. Bagan’s illustrious temples, built between the 11th and 13th centuries, punctuate a vast open plain stretching along the banks of the Irrawaddy River. Rise early in the morning when the air is fresh and enjoy a gourmet picnic as you watch your balloon inflate. From the safe and secure balloon you will witness stunning vistas if the temple-studded ground below. Don’t forget your camera!

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Komodo Private Schooner

Embark on a journey of a lifetime exploring Komodo National Park on your own private charter boat. Discover numerous uninhabited islands, some of the richest marine-life in the world andthe celebrated Komodo dragon, the largest living species of lizard indigenous to these islands. Go snorkeling in warm turquoise waters where in the dry season visibility can exceed 40 meters. The plankton-rich sea allows you the chance to encounter amazing aquatic life including dozes of tropical fish, tuna, reef sharks, dugongs, manta rays, dolphins, at least 14 species of whales and sea turtles. Spend your days undisturbed on stunning black sand beaches framed by tall volcanoes. As the sun sets sip a cocktail handmade by your ship’s crew and observe thousands of fruit bats flying to the mainland for feeding at Bat Island.

If you would like to snorkel with manta rays and dolphins, or see the Komodo Dragon up close and personal, contact us today.

India Tiger Safari

Journey to Ranthambhore, the famous former hunting grounds of the Maharajas of Jaipur, now one of the largest wildlife conservation parks in India. Take an exciting luxury safari to discover one of the planet’s most exotic creatures, the Bengal tiger,in one of the few places in the world where they can be seen in the wild.  Experience spine-tingling anticipation as you observe and witness the powerful presence of the majestic predators from just meters away. Watch out for leopards, crocodiles, hyenas, deer, macaques, jackals, black bucks and Indian flying foxes, as well as a diverse array of migratory birds - just some of the other creatures you will encounter on your Indian safari adventure. (Rest assured this type of safari trip is helping the tigers and animals to survive by the revenue put back into India's national park conservation).

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Private Angkor Temple Dinner

Spend an evening in the shoes of ancient Khmer royalty as you don traditional silk Angkorian inspired attire and have a private gourmet feast in a 12th-century Cambodian Hindu temple. Dine in matchless style in the dramatic grounds of Wat Attvea Pagoda built by the Khmer king Suryavarman II, who also built the astounding Angkor Wat. Firstly you will be spoilt with sumptuous drinks and canapés, and later seated at a grand table amidst the ancient temple ruins. Whilst you savor the five-course Khmer banquet, Cambodian artists will perform a traditional dance. Remote Lands provides special temple security ensuring an exclusive, private experience for your party. There will be a professional photographer on hand to capture your memories of this one-of-a-kind event.

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Elephant Camp & Mahout Training

Train as a mahout, or elephant handler, and learn how to bathe and feed an elephant, as well as acquiring the basic commands needed to “drive” your gentle giant. The elephant is the symbolic animal of Thailand - the humble beast is a highly respected animal in the Thai kingdom, especially in the north, where they were employed in the timber industry. Ancient northern capitals Chiang Mai and Chiang Rai are prime spots to meet elephants and go elephant trekking through the lush rainforest. On this magical jungle quest you will have the opportunity to learn about recent conservation efforts in Thailand and rescuing working city elephants to bring them back to their rightful home in the jungle where they are properly cared for.

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Private Halong Bay Junk Cruise

Discover the enigmatic landscape of Vietnam's Halong Bay (Bay of the Descending Dragon), one of the natural wonders of the world and a UNESCO World Heritage protected environment. Cruise amid the spectacular 1,969 densely clustered limestone karsts from the sheer comfort of your own private fully staffed wooden junk. Lounge back in the sunshine and indulge on gourmet cuisine from an open-air deck opulently fitted with traditional Chinese rosewood furniture. Sail through the limestone arches and pinnacles which rise out of the water and explore their unique secrets, some with hollow caves and grottoes and others which support floating villages. For a thrill jump off board into the warm blue ocean to swim around your docked boat, or take a kayak out for a paddle in a hidden lagoon.

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Everest Base Camp by Helicopter

Go “flightseeing” around Mount Everest, the ultimate destination formountaineers and trekkers. From Kathmandu (Nepal), board your own private helicopter and head eastwards parallel to the Himalayan range at the “top of the world”. You will encounter spectacular views of the world’s highest mountain and surrounding nature, soar past Himalayan peaks that top 23,000 feet. Land at Kalapathar (16,404 feet), a landing strip near Everest Base Camp, the official starting point of treks to the summit. Walk around the incredible base camp terrain taking in breathtaking vistas of the astounding mountain, without making the arduous journey on foot. This unique once-in-a-lifetime adventure is something that few people will ever experience. It is perfect for those who want to see as much as possible in a short amount of time as well as being suitable for all physical abilities. 

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Skiing or Snowboarding in Niseko

Go skiing in Japan’s snow factory Niseko, located on Hokkaido, Japan's northernmost island - and one of the most sought-after ski resorts in the world. Niseko is the second snowiest place on earth and is praised for the having some of the most consistent, light and powdery snow on the planet. Experience surreal night skiing between perfectly spaced birch forests, where giant lights illuminate 2,560 vertical feet of ski runs. The massive powder playground has many lifts and gondolas, there is terrain suitable for beginners up to advanced riders, and for pros there are some steep pitches in the backcountry areas. The resort itself has a relaxed vibe, with plenty of nightlife and dozens of "onsen" (hot springs) to sink into after a long day on the piste. 

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Diving in Sipadan

Malaysia has one of the richest marine habitats in the world. Dive amongst giant turtles, dolphins, sharks and just about every tropical fish you can imagine. The turquoise waters and stunning reefs around Sipadan Island are internationally considered to be the top diving spot in Asia. Sipadan is regularly ranked one of the top ten diving spots on the planet. Legendary maritime cinematographer Jacques Cousteau once described the area as “an untouched piece of art”. Spend your days submerged in this outstanding underwater world of fantastic marine life. 

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