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Our trip to Myanmar, Nepal and Bhutan was the perfect choice of countries with dramatically different experiences. The 74-year-old head monk informed us we were the first foreigners he had ever met or to enter the monastery.
A young couple from Calgary

Suggested Itineraries

Each Remote Lands itinerary is uniquely crafted with a collection of experiences designed to meet the needs and desires of each individual client. However, it would be unfair to give you a blank sheet of paper and expect you to know just what you want to do!

To inspire you, we have created a selection of itineraries for you to browse. Each country has a Classic itinerary which includes the most popular experiences and the sites you simply must see. Then we dive a little deeper into each destination with itineraries that feature less travelled routes, a more regional focus, or more specialized themes.

These itineraries are bookable just as they are, but we would be delighted to tweak them to meet your personal tastes, or indeed create a completely new itinerary inspired by what you see on this page. We can also advise on creating your own multi-country trip.

All itineraries listed have a starting price which includes all listed accommodation and ground arrangements. Your trip may cost more or less depending upon how you customise it.

Don’t forget, you can always contact us. We would be delighted to help you make your travels in Asia an experience you will never forget.

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Trinity really enjoyed seeing spinner dolphins on a dolphin watching cruise, browsing exotic spices & oils at Muttrah Souq, and visiting the beautiful Grand Mosque.
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