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As the trip progressed strangers became friends. Particularly special was the effortlessness: perfect logistics, never having to worry about anything, and, of course, the charming and thoughtful way you organised everything.
Selected testimonials from the Aman Jet Journey, March 2016

Suggested Itineraries

Our selection of luxury Japan itineraries helps you experience the best this wonderful country has to offer, whether it's taking in the best-known sights or getting off the beaten track. Our Classic Japan itinerary is the perfect introduction to the country, including futuristic Tokyo as well as the cultural capital, Kyoto; and we also have itineraries aimed at history buffs, cultural travelers and those traveling with children.

Our Japan itineraries can be booked as they are, customized to your own requirements, combined with each other, or simply used as a source of inspiration for creating your own tailor-made holiday. 

From $1,190 per person per day

Take in the best of Japan’s must-see sights on this intriguing 7-day journey. You’ll take in the world-famous Tsukiji Fish Market, board a bullet-train for Kyoto, and spend time at the cultural capital’s ancient temples, shrines, and palaces, spending your nights in some of Japan’s best hotels. 

From $114,888 per person

Nine countries, 10 beautiful Amans, 21 nights: celebrate Aman’s 30th anniversary in extreme luxury and take to the skies for the private jet adventure of a lifetime to Japan, China, Vietnam, Thailand, Bhutan, India, Greece, Montenegro and Italy.

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This seven-day itinerary is an ideal mix of the old and new, combined with brains and brawn. Travel from futuristic Tokyo into the forest and mountains of rural Japan, before hitting the striking backdrop of Nozawa Onsen and three days on the ski slopes against the backdrop of the 1998 Winter Olympics site.

From $2,010 per person per day

Spend time in Japan’s historic countryside on this 4-day tour of Takayama and Noto Peninsula. Admire the tranquil, mountainous surroundings, take a rickshaw ride through the “Old Town,” explore an ancient UNESCO-listed farm village, and learn the ancient art of silk kimono painting.

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This 15-day itinerary promises to immerse you in the eclectic world of Japanese art and culture. From Tokyo to Hakone, you’ll explore gleaming cities and mountainous towns. In between museums and exhibitions displaying the best contemporary and classicals works, take time to relax and bathe in a traditional Onsen.

From $1,655 per person per day

Japan: the land of exquisite coastlines, dramatic volcanoes, and vibrant cities. In this two-week action-packed itinerary, you’ll visit some of the best sites this incredible nation has to offer, all while enjoying comfort and style at some of the country’s most luxurious hotels.

From $1,995 per person per day

Discover Japan’s exciting history on this exciting 11-day luxury journey through Japan’s most fascinating age-old cities. Explore the colossal Todaiji Temple, visit ancient shrines, take an emotional tour of Hiroshima, and embrace Japan’s old world charm, while staying at some of Japan’s most luxurious hotels. 

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Hit the trails and paths of Kyoto’s enthralling mountains and bamboo forests to uncover the mysteries of esoteric Japan, which can be found within the 88 Buddhist temples of the Shikoku Pilgrimage. From city nights to mountain treks, you’ll experience the cultural charm and natural beauty of the countryside of Japan without compromising on luxury.

From $1,930 per person per day

Explore the western part of Japan’s main island, Honshu, on this 6-day luxury tour of Chugoku. You’ll visit the historically-important town of Hiroshima, sip steaming sake fresh from a local brewery, and learn about Japan’s history in museums and the picturesque Bikan Historical Quarter, while staying in luxury hotels.

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Experience a side of Japan that very few visitors get to see on this exciting two-week adventure through Kyushu and Shikoku. Enjoy breathtaking hikes in some truly beautiful places, marvel at spectacular scenery and soak up the local culture in these two unique, remote areas of Japan.

From $1,415 per person per day

Step off the tourist trail for this exciting 11-day luxury journey through Japan’s less-visited areas. Take to Japan’s southwest shores as you journey from Kyoto to Osaka, stopping at UNESCO-listed sites, old castle towns, Shrine Island, and Asia’s largest limestone cave, while staying in luxury hotels like the Hyatt. 

From $1,026 per person per day

Take an adventurous 7-day luxury journey through the center of Japan’s northern island of Hokkaido, the country’s outdoor playground. You’ll snowshoe to the summit of Mt Taisetsu, sink into a steaming hot spring bath, canoe the thrilling Kushiro river, and enjoy Hokkaido delicacies like chocolate and ramen.

From $1,225 per person per day

Take in Japan’s historically- and culturally-rich Kyushu island on this whirlwind 5-day luxury tour. You’ll shop vibrant Fukuoka’s stylish boutiques, pay your respects in the once-devastated Nagasaki, visit the iconic Kumamoto castle, and spend your nights in some of Japan’s most luxurious hotels. 

From $1,140 per person per day

Experience fun for the whole family on this 8-day luxury Japan tour through Tokyo, Kyoto, Osaka, and more. Your kids will love rides on bullet trains, walks through mystical forests full of deer, a visit to the home of Pokemon, chewing delicious mochi, and watching the scenery go by aboard a river cruise. 

From $1,640 per person per day

Travel from snowy ski slopes to steaming hotsprings on this magical 9-day luxury journey through southern Hokkaido. You’ll spend time in one of the world’s best ski resorts, meander through Sapporo’s Christmas market, and see the region on ski, snowmobile, or perhaps even horseback, while staying at luxury hotels.

From $1,570 per person per day

Immerse yourself deep into Japan’s art and culture scene on this fascinating and fun 13-day luxury tour. You’ll tour historic landmarks in hotspots like Tokyo and Kyoto, dine on traditional kaiseki cuisine, and learn the ancient art of Japanese flower arranging, tea ceremony, or calligraphy. 

From $1,565 per person per day

Take a deep breath and inhale the sweet scent of cherry blossoms on this 7-day luxury tour of Southern Japan. You’ll travel from Osaka to Hiroshima, visiting ancient temples and museums, and being entertained by puppets and Geishas, while staying at luxurious Japan hotels like Hoshinoya Kyoto along the way. 

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Chugoku, Japan’s region of mountains, is an excellent place to get a taste of the best of Japan. The area makes up the western part of Japan's main island Honshu and features a lot of great tourist attractions which you’ll enjoy. Hiroshima is the capital of the region and it’s here you’ll no doubt love the...
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Take to Japan’s gorgeous snowy peaks on this 13-day journey of skiing and adventure. From culture-rich cities to alpine resorts, you will explore this fascinating and beautiful country as you travel by bullet train to carve up the runs in Hakuba and Niseko and explore the slopes around Asahikawa.

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In just 12 days, experience Asia’s most influential art capitals in resplendent style – stunning galleries, world-class collections and irresistible exhibits awash in history. Join us for a one-of-a-kind adventure to five beautiful, classic Asian capitals, where ambitious travel meets celebrated art culture, and inspiration abounds.

From $1,200 per person per day

Spend 14 luxurious days traveling between Japan’s most sacred sites, taking in the incredible natural beauty en route. You’ll walk along Kyoto’s famed Philosopher’s Path, hike one of the world’s most active volcanoes, and visit famed castles and shrines, while staying in some of Japan’s most luxury hotels.

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This five-day itinerary promises to expand your mind as much as it stretches your limbs as you follow the ancient Kumano Kodo Pilgrimage. Travel through the sacred shrines and temples of the Wakayama prefecture, into a diverse and awe-inspiring landscape that will capture your soul.

From $1,610 per person per day

Spend 8 days exploring Japan’s wild side as you travel in luxury from eastern Hokkaido to Sapporo. You’ll capture glimpses of wild cranes, partake in the magical ‘light festival,’ glide through ice aboard an icebreaker cruise, and visit the ultimate symbol of Winter in Hokkaido: the Abashiri Winter Ice Festival. 

From $1,880 per person per day

See Japan’s ancient traditions and state-of-the-art technology juxtaposed before your eyes on this fascinating 10-day luxury journey. You’ll get an insider perspective on the country with visits to everything from ancient shrines and palaces to contemporary design museums and Akihabara electronic market.

From $2,422 per person per day

Discover Japan’s tropical paradise of Okinawa on this 7-day luxury escape. Stay in luxury at the Ritz Carlton Okinawa while in Naha, where you’ll dance to the beat of the city’s nightlife, visit local castles, and then of course, check in to a plush beach resort where you can swim, dive, or do nothing at all. 

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