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We appreciated traveling in remote areas...the slice-of-life experiences made the trip worthwhile.
Party of four from Missouri & Tokyo

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Our selection of luxury Laos itineraries helps you experience the best this wonderful country has to offer, whether it's taking in the best-known sights or getting off the beaten track. Our Classic Laos itinerary is the perfect introduction to the country, including beautiful Luang Prabang, the capital Vientiane, and historic Champasak; those travelers wishing to spend more time in a specific region can look at our northern & southern itineraries.

Our Laos itineraries can be booked as they are, customized to your own requirements, combined with each other, or simply used as a source of inspiration for creating your own tailor-made holiday. They can also be combined with itineraries from other nearby destinations including CambodiaThailand or Vietnam to create an amazing multi-country itinerary. 

From $545 per person per day

Travel from Northern to Southern Laos on this exciting 8-day journey that will take you to the country’s must-see spots. Visit charming Luang Prabang, swim in gem-colored waterfalls, shop boutiques in the capital of Vientiane, hike ancient ruins in Champasak, and embark on a river cruise in Don Khone.

From $420 per person per day

Laos’ colorful history is only a holiday away on this 9-day luxury tour. Discover the ancient capital of the country as you stroll through old-world Luang Prabang and compare it to the country’s more modern capital of Vientiane. This French-Asian fusion culture is a historical, culinary and architectural treat. 

From $375 per person per day

Be captivated by Northern Laos on this 8-day luxury voyage. You’ll stay in a comfortable eco-lodge and luxury accommodation, hike steep mountains, interact with locals in a remote village, trek through thick jungles, and ride an elephant along the mighty Mekong river in charming Luang Prabang. 

From $390 per person per day

Spend 7 days in Laos’ stunning Northern region, where you’ll visit ancient UNESCO-listed temples, hike a mountain, kayak down a river keeping an eye out for exotic wildlife, and sit down to a traditional village dinner, all while staying in some of the best hotels in Laos, like Luang Prabang’s Amantaka.

From $570 per person per day

Take in the stunning scenery and encounter friendly locals on this whirlwind 5-day adventure through Northern Laos. You’ll sleep in luxury along the banks of the Mekong river, ride an elephant bareback, and explore the cultural wonders of charming Luang Prabang, where you’ll stay in one of Laos’ best hotels.

From $530 per person per day

Skip the well-worn backpacker trail and unearth some of Laos’ best kept secrets. This five-day trip takes you from Vientiane, to the charming town of Luang Namtha near to the Chinese border. Uncover hilltop tribes along the way, passing some of the country’s most spectacular scenery. 

From $368 per person per day

Experience Laos’ great outdoors on this thrilling 9-day luxury adventure through picturesque countryside. You’ll trek through thick throngs of jungle, interact with locals in remote towns, visit the famous Kao Rao Cave, boat down the Mekong river, and stay in one of Laos’ best hotels in charming Luang Prabang.

From $550 per person per day

This four-day trip into Northern Laos highlights some of the most fascinating culture the region has to offer - but also sets aside time for both adventure and relaxation at the stunning Muang La Resort. 

From $460 per person per day

Experience Northern Laos by motorbike on this exhilarating 14-day luxury journey. Starting in Vientiane, you’ll rev your way across the country to charming Luang Prabang, making friends with local villagers, climbing mountains, checking out breathtaking views, and staying in some of Laos’ most luxury hotels.

From $670 per person per day

Discover the charms of Northern Laos with this five-day, off the beaten path itinerary. Start in Vientiane before flying on to the country’s northernmost airport at Boun Neu. You’ll head to Akha Nugui for a local homestay, all before exploring mountain-top stupas, markets and villages around the main town of Phongsaly.

From $740 per person per day

This loveable, landlocked country has fast become a popular stop along the Southeast Asian backpacking route thanks to its gorgeous scenery, rich culture and air of mystery that its tropical neighbors lost long ago. But for most, visiting Laos involves making a beeline to either Luang Prabang or Vang Vieng, with the northern region – one the most spectacular parts of the country – missed altogether due its sheer remoteness. This quick four-day tour takes you where others don’t.  

From $300 per person per day

Take in tranquil Southern Laos on this languid 9-day luxury journey through its small, serene towns, across lush, aromatic coffee plantations, past gem-colored waterfalls, and into UNESCO-listed ancient ruins. You’ll also get a chance to visit the famous 4000 islands, and stay in some of Laos’ best hotels.

From $235 per person per day

Get ready for an eye-opening 7-day luxury journey through Laos, with days packed full of adventure, interactions with locals, and unimaginable views, and nights spent in the plush comfort of luxury hotels. You’ll zipline, drink some of the freshest coffee you’ve ever had, and meet members of remote tribes.

From $585 per person per day

Adventure and Laos go hand-in-hand. This six-day tour takes on the best of what the region has to offer; you’ll scale mountains and tackle dense jungles in a 4x4, visit almost untouched hilltop village tribes and take time out to relax and rejuvenate at a gorgeous spa resort. 

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