Remote Lands certainly adds an amount of comfort and ease that cannot be rivaled in terms of transitioning locations and feeling safe. They definitely know where to send the traveler.
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Located in the Eastern end of the majestic Himalayas, Bhutan is a beautiful and happy place. With a newly-burgeoning tourism industry, there is only a handful of luxury hotels, but the special experience tourists have in Bhutan more than makes up for it. Uma by COMO, Paro, situated in the stunning Paro Valley, surrounded by lush natural wilderness, is a perfect example of such. Most hotels here are built in a traditional way, and many of the lodges in its more remote areas are quite small, some having as few as eight rooms. Though some of its hotels and resorts may lack luxurious comforts like WiFi, a fitness center, and business facilities, these hotels are ultra-charming, and offer to guests a strong sense of place and culture. Some hotels have stunning features like beautifully hand-painted walls as well as cozy touches like Amankora Bumthang’s hot stone baths, and spas that base their therapies on ancient, and still relevant, traditions, such as Shambhala Retreat, at the Uma by COMO. Taj Tashi, one of the most impressive buildings in the country, is one of the exceptions to this rule, featuring world-class facilities and services.

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Our co-founder & CEO Catherine Heald counts her dinner with the Bhutanese royal family, and her private rinpoche blessing, as two of her most treasured travel memories.
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