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Bhutan - Thimphu

Situated at 7,500 feet above sea level, Thimphu has been the capital city of Bhutan since 1961. As capital, Thimphu is home to several buildings of national importance, including the Institute of Traditional Medicine, the National Library, and the Botanical Garden. Despite its population of approximately 104,000, Thimphu is nonetheless remarkably free of traffic, and is ideal for exploring by foot or on bicycle.

Some of Thimphu's evocative sights include the National Institute for the Thirteen Arts, where students learn respected, centuries-old crafts; the comprehensive, beautiful grounds of the Royal Botanical Garden; and the invigorating, alternative Institute of Traditional Medicine, dedicated to traditional remedies for modern illnesses.

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Our co-founder & CEO Catherine Heald counts her dinner with the Bhutanese royal family, and her private rinpoche blessing, as two of her most treasured travel memories.
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