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China - Xiahe

Set amongst a mountainous landscape, Xiahe is nestled within a valley between two jagged peaks. Predominantly Tibetan, this small town, elevated at around 9,840 feet, is soaked in local culture and Tibetan traditions. Both rural and pastoral, it boasts incomparable and breathtaking natural beauty; in spring and summer, a huge number of flowers cast a vast array of colors over the surrounding slopes. The meandering Daxia river runs alongside the town, which is allegedly where Xiahe acquired its name.

Xiahe is a remote town that remains untouched by mass tourism. The area is known as "small Tibet" and it is easy to see why, as the spectacular Labrang monastery is located here. The second-largest monastery in the whole of China, it is an area of huge cultural importance and is a sight not to be missed. The local culture and jaw-dropping beauty of this secluded region add to its allure and popular activities include hiking and camping trips.

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