Remote Lands planned our fifteen-day, four-city China Singapore trip perfectly! They knew the ins and outs of Asia's first ever night-time F1 street race - no small feat.
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China - Guilin

Throughout Chinese history, Guilin has long been lauded for its artistic delights and beautiful scenery, and rightfully so. The surrounding landscape is speckled with limestone karsts, surreal finger-like mountains that were formed through centuries of erosion and rise high above the Li River plain. There are two kinds of karsts: fenglin, which rise straight up, and fengcong, which look like conjoined, rolling hills. Such sights have been immortalized by generations of artists and writers, and are perhaps the best-known landscape of China.
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Our co-founder & CEO Catherine Heald lived in China for 7 years and returns often. She loves trekking in the rice terraces of Ping An, and hugging baby pandas in Chengdu!
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