Seriously perfect trip! Every detail was covered, pacing of places was ideal.
Couple who attended an Aman Jet Expedition

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The phrase “land of contrasts” has never been more true than in India. Here, luxury takes on a meaning all its own. Luxury Indian hotels aren’t usually just hotels: they’re palaces. Many of them were once used or lived in by India’s ancient royalty; the playgrounds of Maharajas. Such palace hotels include Rambagh Palace, and Umaid Bhawan Palace, which features staff who are direct descendants of the palace’s ancient royal servants. Those looking for a jungle adventure can check out the stunning safari lodges, such as Taj Baghvan Lodge, which features a romantic netted sleep-out roof that allows guests to feel completely immersed in India’s exotic jungle. City hotels, like The Lodhi, are modern, comfortable and well-equipped for both business and pleasure.

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Our co-founder Jay Tindall is a regular visitor to India, where he loves staying in the palace hotels of Rajasthan. His favourite experience? The amazing Kumbh Mela festival.
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