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India - Assam

A northeastern state that shares borders with Bangladesh and Bhutan, Assam is a land of rain, lakes, and cool, breezy hills blanketed with forest. Originally an independent kingdom, Assam was caught in colonial intrigues between the British and the Burmese and was ultimately absorbed into British India. Thanks to the British, however, Assam is home to a number of thriving industries, among them tea and silk. Within Assam live a number of hill tribes, many of whom practice Christianity alongside their native religions, and who live a life quite distinct from inhabitants of other areas of India. While Assam has managed to preserve its natural heritage for the moment, even bringing the endangered Indian rhinoceros back from the brink of extinction, its efforts may be undone by the considerable mineral wealth that lies within its borders.

The best time to visit Assam is during the dry season, which normally runs from November to April; of these times, September and October are particularly pleasant, being dry and cool.

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