Remote Lands arranged an absolutely flawless trip for me to Delhi, Agra and Rajasthan where I stayed in some of the world's finest hotels.
Peter, Litchfield, CT

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India - Panna National Park

Some 12 miles (27 kilometers) from the ancient temple city of Khajuraho, Panna National Park is a series of teak, ebony, and gum forests punctuated by a series of grasslands. Like many other tiger reserves and national parks in India, Panna was once a hunting ground for the local aristocracy. Panna, however, gained notoriety in 2009 after government authorities learned that poachers had colluded with park authorities and wiped out the entire tiger population. Thankfully, these majestic cats were re-introduced in 2011, and roam the grounds of the park once more.
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Our co-founder Jay Tindall is a regular visitor to India, where he loves staying in the palace hotels of Rajasthan. His favourite experience? The amazing Kumbh Mela festival.
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