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India - Jaipur

Named for Maharaja Jai Singh II, an astute leader, fierce fighter and insightful astronomer, Jaipur has long been called the "Pink City" due to the color of its fine buildings. Today, Jaipur is home to some 3.6 million residents and is one of India's top tourist destinations - and for good reason. With commanding hilltop forts, chaotic bazaars and grand palaces, all of which have changed little in the intervening centuries, Jaipur evokes both the splendor of its Maharajas as well as the bygone days of the British Raj. Steeped in a potent mix of history and culture, Jaipur offers a multi-faceted, insightful glimpse into the complex civilization that is India.
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Our co-founder Jay Tindall is a regular visitor to India, where he loves staying in the palace hotels of Rajasthan. His favourite experience? The amazing Kumbh Mela festival.
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