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Japan - Mie Prefecture

Honshu, Japan's eastern Kii Peninsula, is home to Mie Prefecture, a haven of natural beauty surrounded by 680 miles of untouched Pacific coastline and the towering peaks of the Suzuka Mountains. Dating back 10,000 years, the rich social history of the area is evident in its stunning works of architecture, most notably the Ise Shrine, Japan's holiest shrine dedicated to the sun goddess Amaterasu and located in Mie Prefecture's "Holy City" of Ise.

The omnipresent agricultural focus of Mie Prefecture is both practical and luxurious, consisting of forestry activity as well as pearl cultivation. A visit to Mie Prefecture provides a wide array of opportunities to experience natural beauty as well intriguing exploration of areas once reserved only for Japan's holiest High Priestess. Mie Prefecture transports the visitor into an untouched sanctuary of land and sea, allowing imaginative travelers the chance to feel like the regal lords who once called this place home.

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