Our trip to Myanmar, Nepal and Bhutan was the perfect choice of countries with dramatically different experiences. The 74-year-old head monk informed us we were the first foreigners he had ever met or to enter the monastery.
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The world’s ninth-largest country is teeming with culture yet has been transformed into a modern 21st-century destination with bold and futuristic architecture, with the biggest of its cities, Almaty, European-esque in feel. The streets are dotted with funky cafes, a prevalent wild nightlife scene can be enjoyed and high-end shopping centers are abundant for those looking to purchase the latest brands and luxuries. Visitors can stay in one of the five-star hotels offering everything needed to facilitate an incredible holiday. Our pick is the Ritz Carlton, located on the top ten floors of the Esentai Tower, with its exquisite panoramic views of the city, and ultra-convenient location.

Beyond the cities, adventure can be found with picturesque mountainous terrain, deep green valleys such as those of Tian Shan. Nestled amongst its incredible flora and fauna, traditional guesthouses offer true local hospitality. To the west are the endless deserts and stunningly crafted Mosques, giving an insight in to the ancient culture of the people and of the land.

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Ritz-Carlton Almaty
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Victoria is a big fan of Central Asia in general and Kazakhstan in particular - especially its friendly, welcoming people and spectacular landscapes.
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