We appreciated traveling in remote areas...the slice-of-life experiences made the trip worthwhile.
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Laos is a land of simple pleasures. The rushing Mekong has served the landlocked country well, as it snakes its way across and throughout Laos’ fertile plains, and precipitous mountains. The hotels here, though mostly humble, can be extremely luxurious, and the luxury tourism market is slowly growing. Many of its luxury properties still retain an ancient colonial feel, such as Amantaka, a former French colonial hospital that’s been renovated to opulent extremes, while still maintaining its historic charm. For something more modern, Hotel de la Paix features  interiors decreed best in the world at the prestigious World Architecture News (WAN) awards. In the capital, Vientiane, Settha Palace is one of the city’s iconic features, with gorgeous rooms and elaborate fine dining restaurants. Visitors to these fine hotels will discover true Laotian charm that may make them never want to leave.

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Our co-founder & CEO Catherine Heald loves spending time in Laos' laid-back capital Vientiane, where she enjoys shopping for handmade silks and wood carvings.
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