Even though we had to change our plans at the last minute, the revised itinerary you put together was more than perfect.
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Macao - Macao Peninsula

Macao's northernmost territory, the Peninsula is connected to the Chinese mainland at the border with Zhuhai. This is the busiest district of Macao; the most densely inhabited, and home to many of the region's most iconic landmarks and sights of interest. Here, the historic, European-style cobbled streets are lined with Chinese and Portuguese restaurants, and tourists relax in spacious squares or flock to colonial ruins. A living, breathing testament to Macao's fascinating history and more recent transformation into a glamorous playground, visitors will find the remains of St Paul's Cathedral, as well as some of the region's original casinos. Besides plenty to see and do, the Peninsula is also home to the International Ferry Terminal (Terminal Maritimo) and Inner Harbour Ferry Terminal, so most arrivals by boat will dock here.
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Our Director of Global Marketing Phil Ingram loves Macao's unique blend of Portuguese and Chinese culture. Over 400 years of history have created a place like no other in the world.
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