It was a fantastic trip. The coordination of everything was very well done.
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Malaysia - Gaya Island

Pulau Gaya is a beautiful island off the coast of East Malaysia. The sunshine andgentle breezes, as well as lovely scenery, make it an outstanding destination. The island is fairly large, about 1,400 hectares, and ten minutes away from Kota Kinabalu. It is a part of the Tunku Abdul Rahman National Park. The word “Gayo” means “big.” There are some large ridges here that top out at 1,000 feet. It is the largest island which forms a part of the national park. It is covered with lush, virgin forest and has been a forest reserve since the early 1920’s. The park in total size would cover 12,000 American-sized football fields. The island was developed in part by the British North Borneo Company. The entire area was featured in an interesting Hollywood film entitled “Farewell to the King” starring Nick Nolte and Nigel Havers. Activities include beachcombing, diving, trekking, photography and beachcombing. It’s one of the hidden jewels of Eastern Malaysia and Remote Lands clientele will enjoy its stunning beauty and relaxed atmosphere.
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Our General Manager Victoria Hilley lived in Malaysia for many years, and loved the wildlife, particularly orangutans and pygmy elephants.
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