It was a fantastic trip. The coordination of everything was very well done.
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Malaysia - Langkawi

Langkawi conjures images of Malaysia at its best: sunny, fun, safe, exciting and even thrilling. Located about 15 miles in the Andaman Sea off Kuala Perlis, it is a collection of 99 islands that can be reached from Satun, Thailand or Georgetown, Penang. The main island is 193 square miles and was established around the 1st Century A.D. There are sleepy villages, water buffalo, and lovely beaches on these islands, which are noted for the eagles above and the marble underneath. Thailand, the British Empire and the Imperial Japanese Army all took an interest in this smattering of nature-rich islands. As Malaysia's top tourist destination, Langkawi is not limited in its list of activities on offer. These include sunbathing, beachcombing, sailing, island hopping, nature and animal photography, trekking, and searching for dolphins, sea otters and even land-walking fishes. Don't miss the Seven Wells of the Telaga Tujuh Waterfalls, where you can engage on a jungle trekking course. If you are in town during the Langkawi Biennial (International Festival of the Arts), discover local art by Langkawi's best artists and artisans.
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