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Oman - Nizwa

Dramatically cocooned by one of the highest mountain ranges in Oman, the ancient city of Nizwa sits conveniently along a popular overland route from Muscat to some of the country's most famous historical sites in the east. Thanks partly to its close proximity to the the capital (two hours away), as well as its wealth of impressive attractions, Nizwa enjoys the title of being Oman's second-most popular tourist destination, with many visitors using it as a base for two or three days before heading off to Bahla, Jabrin and beyond.

The town center itself is still relatively conservative, despite the ever-increasing rise in tourist numbers, so it's wise to dress respectfully and observe traditional Muslim cultural norms. Often referred to as "The Pearl of Islam", Nizwa has a range of both old and new souqs waiting to be explored, some interesting ancients forts and a long list of museums for an air-conditioned culture fix.

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