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Philippines - Siargao

Siargao Island, a paradisiacal white sand island just northeast of Mindanao, in the south of the country, is the ideal spot for a remote tropical getaway. The island is known as the surfing capital of the Philippines due to its sparkling azure waves that crash perfectly into shore. Because of this, the island has a relaxed atmosphere populated by friendly locals and tourists, from celebrities to backpackers, alike.

Surrounding its powdery sand shores, the water features vivid coral reefs located in the Philippines Trench - an extremely deep part of the ocean, that are teeming with vibrant sea life. This, of course, makes Siargao Island not only a surfers' paradise, but also a divers and snorkelers.

The island, which is shaped like a teardrop, is a part of the region of Mindanao, though not attached to the island itself, and contains the largest mangrove forest reserves in the area. Luxury tourism remains very much a burgeoning market on Siargao, adding to its rustic charm.

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