I can say without question that while the scenery was extraordinary, the hotels luxurious, and the food beyond compare, it was the guides who made this trip beyond memorable for us.
A family from the United States

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Singapore is one of Southeast Asia’s most developed cities (and also countries). With a total area of 715-square-kilometers, Singapore is a big city, but a small country, and is fairly crowded, with five million people. Thus, hotels and buildings alike tower over the city, populating the picturesque city skyline. Many of the city’s finest hotels are based around the famous Marina Bay, a newly-built up area that is meant specifically for round-the-clock entertainment and comfort. The Ritz Carlton Millenia lies in the heart of the area, once nearly fully booked out by pop star Lady Gaga and her massive entourage. The Fullerton is a Singapore icon, having been voted Best Hotel in Asia by Conde Nast.

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Our co-founder & CEO Catherine Heald loves Singapore's architectural contrasts, between old Chinese, Indian & British buildings and the city's gleaming new towers.
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