I can say without question that while the scenery was extraordinary, the hotels luxurious, and the food beyond compare, it was the guides who made this trip beyond memorable for us.
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Thailand - Chiang Mai

Founded by the ancient Lanna Kingdom in 1296, Chiang Mai was originally a heavily fortified citadel that stood as a bulwark against Burmese kingdoms and the Mongol Yuan Empire, which had conquered much of China and parts of Southeast Asia. While the Lanna kingdom would rule parts of Thailand for 500 years until the late 1700s, Chiang Mai was later abandoned and fell into a slow decline - which was reversed only in the twentieth century.

Today, Chiang Mai is the cultural center of northern Thailand, and a thriving city that hosts a number of outstanding temples, which are complemented by some of the best outdoors activities in all of Thailand - due to its proximity to nearby lush rainforests and the mighty Mae Taeng River. Notable attractions include the Tiger Kingdom, where visitors can get up close with the big cats, and Wat Prathat Doi Suthep, a picturesque, beautiful mountain temple.

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Trinity Nguyen will never forget feeding baby elephants by hand in Chiang Mai, and the charm & history of ancient capital Sukhothai.
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