Remote Lands enhanced our trip in ways we could not have all resulted in a trip that we will remember with smiles and laughter forever.
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Thailand - Krabi

One of the oldest, continually inhabited places in Thailand, Krabi is thought to have been home to homo sapiens since 25,000 to 35,000 B.C. While the area suffered considerable damage during the devastating Indian Ocean tsunami of 2004, Krabi has since recovered - though tsunami evacuation signs are a common sight throughout its streets.

Today, Krabi is best known for its surreal, finger-like limestone karst formations that sit on the edge of the cerulean Andaman Sea, alongside mangrove forests, coral, outlying islands, and lovely beaches. This natural wealth draws kayakers, adventurous rock climbers looking for an outdoor challenge, and travelers curious about the strange, otherworldly topography of the region.

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Our co-founder Jay Tindall has lived in Thailand for many years. He loves relaxing on the amazing beaches and attending rural festivals in the wild north of the country.
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