This was our fourth trip with Remote Lands...Thank you for making the introductions to a wonderful people and culture in Tibet.
Kristi & Paul, Virginia

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Exotic Tibet has a long and tumultuous history that matches its magnificently rugged landscape, featuring towering mountains and long, spread-out plateaus. The country’s tourism industry is barely even in its infancy, which is part of what makes it such a special place to visit. Still, this means that luxury properties are few and far between, with most hotels being quite basic and traditional. The St. Regis Lhasa, is an exception, however. With sweeping views of the historical city, as well as 24-hour personal butler service, and delectable fine Tibetan cuisine, this hotel is a can’t-miss for any traveler looking for a luxury travel experience in Tibet.

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Our co-founder & CEO Catherine Heald was amazed by Tibet's stunning mountain & desert scenery, and by the beauty of its ancient palaces.
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