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UAE - Liwa Oasis

Escape from the hustle and bustle of city life and bask in the ambience and tranquillity that Liwa Oasis has to offer. Situated at the edge of the United Arab Emirates' greatest desert region, Rub Al Khali (also known as the "Great Empty Quarter"), Liwa Oasis promises a completely unique experience. Historically it was home to the Nahyan family, who were the leaders of the Abu Dhabi emirate along with the UAE. During this time and still to this day it remains a date-palm cultivating region for local Bedouin tribes, the most well known of these being the Bani Yas. Due to its location within this vast, almost barren desert region, it is perfect for dune bashing - a form of "off roading" on sand dunes usually in a Jeep or Land Cruiser - and other desert safaris. If visitors are keen for a more relaxing experience, there are also a number of top-class resorts located throughout the region not to mention a remarkable opportunity to learn more about the local Bedouin culture.
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Trinity Nguyen loved the views from the top of the world's tallest building in Dubai, and indoor skiing on real snow while it was 40C outside!
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