We had a trip that was truly unforgettable and perfect in every sense.
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UAE - Dubai

The most populous city of the seven emirates of the UAE, Dubai was once a tranquil coastal town of houses, huts with roofs made from palm fronds, and pearl divers. Today, the city has reinvented itself with the discovery of oil, and is now a major center of global commerce and finance. With sparkling, towering skyscrapers alongside ancient minarets, Dubai's entry into the modern world is flashy, fun, and more than slightly surreal. Indeed, when the city ran out of coastline on which to build, engineers created huge, man-made islands, some shaped like palm trees, others like continents - a testament to the immense, monumental ambition that drives the development of the city.
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Trinity Nguyen loved the views from the top of the world's tallest building in Dubai, and indoor skiing on real snow while it was 40C outside!
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