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Vietnam - Nha Trang

A lively coastal city, Nha Trang overlooks the aquamarine waters of the South China Sea. While the city today is a modern, pleasant town, the area itself was quiet and undeveloped until the arrival of the French - who immediately set about transforming it into a seaside resort. Even during the turmoil of the Vietnam War, Nha Trang was a popular vacation destination for soldiers on leave; this trend continues today with an influx of tourists and sightseers.

While Nha Trang,s main beach is perhaps not as radiant as it once was, there are a number of sandy areas nearby that are still exceedingly beautiful, including the secluded, quiet Doc Let beach. Most visitors to the area frequent Nha Trang,s luxury resorts, the best of which is the Six Senses Ninh Van Bay, which features quiet, secluded villas with panoramic views of the nearby South China Sea. Additionally, another famous sight is the Po Nagar Towers, a series of monuments dating back to the Cham Empire, a Hindu civilization that once ruled much of southern Vietnam.

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