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When it comes to the arts, Asia’s eclecticism means there is something for everyone. The region is home to some of the most exciting developing contemporary art scenes (Hong Kong, China), indigenous art traditions still very much alive (Cambodia, Indonesia) and world-class modern museums (Japan, South Korea). In many countries, Remote Lands has a deep roster of specialist art guides who can provide exceptional insight for art connoisseurs. For music lovers, we can arrange hands-on experiences (and performances) with such alluring instruments as India’s sitar, Japan’s koto and shamisen, and the Balinese gamelan orchestra, whose sounds have beguiled composers East and West for centuries. 

From $1,995 per person per day

Discover Japan’s exciting history on this exciting 11-day luxury journey through Japan’s most fascinating age-old cities. Explore the colossal Todaiji Temple, visit ancient shrines, take an emotional tour of Hiroshima, and embrace Japan’s old world charm, while staying at some of Japan’s most luxurious hotels. 

Architecture & Heritage SitesArts & Music
From $635 per person per day

See the best of Cambodia on this 8-day luxury journey through Phnom Penh, Kep, Koh Rong, and Siem Reap. You’ll visit unforgettable sites like Tuol Sleng Museum, the Killing Fields, King Sihanouk's once palace, tranquil Rabbit Island, Song Saa Private Island, and more, while staying in hotels fit for royalty. 

Architecture & Heritage SitesArts & MusicWeddings Honeymoons & Vow Renewals
From $650 per person per day

Take a journey through Central India, passing through Mumbai, Hampi, Bangalore, and Hyderabad on this 11-day luxury journey. You’ll sleep in some of India’s most luxurious hotels, including the Taj Mahal Palace & Tower, spend time in Bollywood, visit the ancient ruins of Golkonda, and rock climb in Hampi.

Architecture & Heritage SitesArts & Music
From $950 per person per day

Step inside an age-old culture and explore its beauty on this 14-day journey that takes you through bustling New Delhi’s Chandni Chowk Market, to the steps of the iconic Taj Mahal, and over to the banks of the Ganges to observe the sunset Aarti, all while staying at some of the country’s most luxurious hotels.

Architecture & Heritage SitesArts & Music
From $466 per person per day

Spend 10 days exploring peninsular Malaysia’s must-see spots on this thrilling luxury journey. You’ll tour the bustling capital of Kuala Lumpur, enjoy fresh tea at a plantation in the Cameron Highlands, visit UNESCO-listed sites in Penang, and relax beachside in Langkawi, all while staying in luxury hotels.

Architecture & Heritage SitesArts & MusicDiving & Watersports
From $470 per person per day

Taiwan is often forgotten by the typical travelers – unfortunately for them. This 6-day luxurious adventure takes you to the famous cave from the renowned novel Journey into the West, the magical Sun Moon Lake, and for a relaxing dip in natural hot springs situated in the fascinating aboriginal village of Wulai.

Arts & MusicHiking & BikingShopping & Markets
From $1,120 per person per day

A cultural phenomenon and delight - the Goroka Festival - is unlike any other festival in the world. Papua New Guinea showcases its wide variety of traditions during this 14-day adventure. Meet local chieftains and observe traditions including wild authentic dances when attending the colorful cultural show.

Arts & MusicWildlife
From $1,150 per person per day

An incredibly well-rounded adventure, this 13-day itinerary takes you through many of Papua New Guinea’s most remote, beautiful locations. Trek in the rainforest, canoe winding rivers, chat with local tribes and lounge on the soft, powder-white beaches in both the Southern Highlands and along the Sepik River.

Arts & MusicDiving & WatersportsHiking & BikingSports & Adventure
From $1,565 per person per day

Take a deep breath and inhale the sweet scent of cherry blossoms on this 7-day luxury tour of Southern Japan. You’ll travel from Osaka to Hiroshima, visiting ancient temples and museums, and being entertained by puppets and Geishas, while staying at luxurious Japan hotels like Hoshinoya Kyoto along the way. 

Architecture & Heritage SitesArts & MusicAsian Cuisine
From $800 per person per day

Untouched rainforests, the winding Sepik River, the stunning Madang beaches and the friendly local tribes await you on this 13-day Papua New Guinea adventure. Trek through the lush forest, celebrate the traditional Sing-Sing and enjoy the end reward with time to relax on the stunning, powder-white beaches.

Arts & MusicDiving & WatersportsHiking & BikingSports & Adventure
From $445 per person per day

An 11-day trip that takes you across the evolving landscape of Uzbekistan’s Fergana Valley, passing empty deserts, negotiating snow-topped mountains and exploring ancient trade cities. Witness luxurious, awe-inspiring palaces and mosques alongside modest mountain villages reflecting the untouched lifestyle of the famously friendly Uzbeks.

Architecture & Heritage SitesArts & MusicShopping & Markets
From $1,880 per person per day

See Japan’s ancient traditions and state-of-the-art technology juxtaposed before your eyes on this fascinating 10-day luxury journey. You’ll get an insider perspective on the country with visits to everything from ancient shrines and palaces to contemporary design museums and Akihabara electronic market.

Architecture & Heritage SitesArts & MusicShopping & Markets
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