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Asia is one of the world's best destinations for fun-filled and horizon-broadening experiences for family members of all ages. For young people especially, the exposure to such contrasting cultures as Asia offers can enrich and even alter the trajectory of a life. Please read on for some of our favorite family-friendly activities in many of Asia's most alluring destinations.  

From $420 per person per day

Spend 4 luxurious days getting acquainted with Thailand’s busy capital and surrounding quieter areas. Kanchanaburi is only a 2-hour trip from the bustling city but feels a world away. The well-preserved ancient ruins of Ayutthaya are a must-see in addition to Bangkok’s fantastic cultural and historical sites.

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From $1,155 per person per day

Journey through China’s most picturesque landscapes on this exciting 13-day luxury journey. You’ll hike through the stunning Yellow Mountain and Jiuzhaigou National Park, tour Tibetan villages of the Zharu Valley, and play with Pandas in Chengdu, while staying at luxury hotels like Amanfayun or Banyan Tree.

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From $823 per person per day

Play with elephants, relax as the kids swim in the Indian Ocean and fall asleep to the calming ocean lull while staying in a floating house on this 13-day luxurious Sri Lankan holiday. With hiking, elephant trekking and rafting in store, there’s plenty of action to keep the kids busy and still time for you to relax.

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From $1,140 per person per day

Experience fun for the whole family on this 8-day luxury Japan tour through Tokyo, Kyoto, Osaka, and more. Your kids will love rides on bullet trains, walks through mystical forests full of deer, a visit to the home of Pokemon, chewing delicious mochi, and watching the scenery go by aboard a river cruise. 

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From $1,352 per person per day

Explore the mysterious Indonesian island of Komodo and its surroundings, in hot pursuit of the fearsome Komodo Dragon on this 3-day adventure. You’ll spend days hiking, lazing on pink-sand beaches, and interacting with local villagers, while you spend your nights aboard a luxury, private, fully-equipped schooner. 

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From $650 per person per day

Spend 4 days exploring the hidden corners of Hong Kong. You’ll stay at luxury hotels like the Ritz Carlton on Hong Kong Island and Upper House in Kowloon, while taking day trips to Lantau peak and Tai O fishing village, exploring Hong Kong’s Wetland Park, and strolling along Tsim Sha Tsui’s Avenue of the Stars.

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