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One of Remote Lands' specialties is private aviation in Asia. We have a thorough knowledge of the myriad private jet, turboprop, seaplane and helicopter options available for charter throughout the region. We work with their owners and operators on a regular basis, know which aircraft work best with which routing, and are well versed in matching planes with client's needs. Please contact us today to discuss private aviation for your next trip to Asia.

From $2,499 per person per day

From the bustling city of Bangkok to the cultural center of Chiang Mai, the rustic Chiang Rai to the luxurious Koh Samui - all while staying at luxurious Four Seasons hotels - this 10-day adventure-by-private-jet packages the best Thailand has to offer into a vacation that fits the bill.

Private JetsUltra-Luxe
From $9,698 per person per day

Experience Indonesia to the fullest on this private jet and yacht 10-day luxury voyage. You’ll fly in style as you uncover Yogyakarta’s ancient Borobudur, spot exotic orangutans playing at Camp Leakey, dive and snorkel in idyllic Makassar, and charter a luxurious, private cruise ship to the exotic Komodo island.

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Travel in five-star luxury aboard your private jet and yacht, through Indonesia’s exciting, exotic and stunning archipelago. You’ll explore ancient ruins on Java, meet tribespeople in the stunning Baliem Valley, and sail deep into the exquisite Raja Ampat archipelago aboard a private cruise ship.

Architecture & Heritage SitesDiving & WatersportsPrivate JetsPrivate YachtsUltra-Luxe
From $3,320 per person per day

Cover extensive ground on this 10-day luxury adventure through Papua New Guinea by private aircraft. You’ll have the rare delights of learning to make your own traditional wig with the Huli Wigman Tribe, before moving onto see a Mudmen performance, as well as a thrilling canoe adventure on the Sepik River.

Private JetsSports & AdventureWildlife
From $2,425 per person per day

Embark on this luxurious private aircraft tour through Papua New Guinea. Reach the country’s remotest locations and explore the landscape’s secrets. Visit eight different exotic areas on this 10-day trip where you will barter your way through local markets and find out if the people of Yam possess magical powers.

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