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Private Yachts

Remote Lands can provide a state-of-the-art sailing or motor yacht for either day or overnight journeys to island destinations throughout Southeast Asia. Whether you have a small or large party, we can find the perfect yacht for you, which will include spacious en-suite cabins, plenty of deck space, outdoor relaxing and dining areas, and the latest in entertainment centers.

During the day, enjoy onshore activities in a variety of remarkable destinations, or make the most of your vessel's wide range of water-sports gear, possibly including kayaks, Boston whalers, zodiacs, jet skis, water-skiing equipment, snorkeling and diving gear, and windsurf boards. In the evening, relax in a beautifully appointed outdoor dining area and enjoy gourmet meals and cocktails by sunset or starlight. Your full complement of personal staff onboard includes English-speaking, expert guides and a private chef and diving instructor; nannies, masseuses and other staff can also be hired according to your preferences.

Hundreds of luxurious yachts, schooners, junks and other vessels are based around Asia in various ports from Phuket to Bali, Cebu to Labuan Bajo.  Some are available on a day charter basis, and others are more suitable for overnight stays.  Please call us to discuss what option is right for you.

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Spend six days cruising around Komodo Islands, exploring uninhabited islets, prehistoric caves and trekking the jungles. Of course, the main attraction here are those slithery dragons, which roam the island along with lots of other wildlife. There’s plenty of time to snorkel or dive around the gorgeous reefs and pristine beaches too.

Diving & WatersportsPrivate YachtsUltra-Luxe
From $1,448 per person per day

Hop from exotic island to exotic island on this breathtaking 11-day luxury cruise that will take you to some of Indonesia’s most beautiful islands. Spend time in the popular and scenic Gili islands, hike to a crater lake, and search the island of Komodo for its eponymous dragons - all part of your exciting adventure.

Architecture & Heritage SitesDiving & WatersportsPrivate Yachts
From $9,698 per person per day

Experience Indonesia to the fullest on this private jet and yacht 10-day luxury voyage. You’ll fly in style as you uncover Yogyakarta’s ancient Borobudur, spot exotic orangutans playing at Camp Leakey, dive and snorkel in idyllic Makassar, and charter a luxurious, private cruise ship to the exotic Komodo island.

Architecture & Heritage SitesDiving & WatersportsPrivate JetsPrivate YachtsUltra-LuxeWildlife
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Travel in five-star luxury aboard your private jet and yacht, through Indonesia’s exciting, exotic and stunning archipelago. You’ll explore ancient ruins on Java, meet tribespeople in the stunning Baliem Valley, and sail deep into the exquisite Raja Ampat archipelago aboard a private cruise ship.

Architecture & Heritage SitesDiving & WatersportsPrivate JetsPrivate YachtsUltra-Luxe
From $1,352 per person per day

Explore the mysterious Indonesian island of Komodo and its surroundings, in hot pursuit of the fearsome Komodo Dragon on this 3-day adventure. You’ll spend days hiking, lazing on pink-sand beaches, and interacting with local villagers, while you spend your nights aboard a luxury, private, fully-equipped schooner. 

Diving & WatersportsFamily TravelPrivate YachtsWildlife
From $1,405 per person per day

Spend a thrilling 6 days cruising through Indonesia’s exciting islands of Komodo and Flores. This adventure will bring you face-to-face with the exotic and elusive Komodo Dragon, vibrant schools of fish, and with the “Sea Gypsies” of Bajau. You’ll sleep in luxury aboard your private, fully-equipped schooner.

Diving & WatersportsPrivate YachtsWildlife
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Experience Indonesia’s stunning islands to the fullest on this action-packed 14-day adventure. You’ll cruise from Maumere, past active volcanoes and ancient palaces, limestone caves and traditional villages, through the lush forest of Morowali National Park on a riverboat, to Manado, aboard a private luxury schooner.

Architecture & Heritage SitesDiving & WatersportsPrivate Yachts
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