Asia is one of the world's best destinations for fun-filled and horizon-broadening experiences for family members of all ages. For young people especially, the exposure to such contrasting cultures as Asia offers can enrich and even alter the trajectory of a life. Please read on for some of our favorite family-friendly activities in many of Asia's most alluring destinations.  

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A cradle of mankind's technological advancements, China, the ancient "Middle Kingdom" still has the capacity to kindle wonder in travelers young and old alike. The Great Wall, of course, speaks for itself, and beckons pilgrims as it has for centuries. But beyond the dynamism of the Eastern cities, a foray into rural Yunnan province brings the eye-opening chance to meet ethnic minorities like the Dai people of Lijiang or the Red Yao of Ping An. And don't forget those cuddly panda cubs of Chengdu!  


Exotic Indonesia is another best bet for families. Avoiding the summer rains of Southeast Asia, it is a particularly good choice for a family trip when the kids are out of (or home from) school. Chances abound to meet young Indonesian peers and have interactive arts and crafts lessons. Beyond Bali, a multi-night private yacht or schooner charter around Komodo National Park offers superb snorkelling and diving and the chance to gaze upon the famed eponymous dragons. 


From tea ceremony to kimono fitting, sushi-making to sumo "stables", kaiseki dinners with geisha to soaking in ryokan onsen - Japan brims with unique discoveries that are best enjoyed together as a family. Ride an ultra-modern bullet train to a thousand-year-old Zen temple and your family will encounter a culture unlike any other: firmly rooted in tradition but ever hurtling into the future. 


Think India in microcosm - Sri Lanka's diversity of activities, natural environments and sheer physical beauty make it one of Asia's overlooked gems. In little more than a week, a family can hop from Colombo to the ancient cultural heartland, hike through central highlands and lush tea plantations, and arrive at a world-class beach. Add a wildlife safari in one of the island's 22 scattered national parks and you've got an economical, first-rate family holiday. 


Simply put, Thailand has it all: animal encounters from elephant camps to the Tiger Kingdom, outdoor fun like zip-lining or river rafting, ancient palaces straight out of "The King and I," and so much more. Thailand's abundance of five-star beach resorts, moreover, makes it the perfect winter break for parents and students alike, with opportunities for family outings on private yachts and many related water sports. 

This is just a selection of the Asia family travel experiences Remote Lands can incorporate into your Asia luxury holiday. Please contact us today for more information and to begin planning your trip.


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