Whether you dream of a honeymoon on a beach, eloping in an exotic locale or renewing your vows amongst new friends in a strange land, there’s a destination in Asia that appeals to every romantic. Weddings need not require a white dress and honeymoons don’t have to be on white sands beaches… there is a plethora of ways in which to have a wedding, honeymoon or vow renewal while fully integrating a sense of place, from the snowy peaks of the Himalayas to the underwater wonders of the Indian Ocean. We particularly enjoy creating marriage ceremonies and vow renewals according to Buddhist, Hindu, Shinto or even Animist traditions.  Remote Lands can arrange everything from large-scale destination weddings to intimate ceremonies and plan once-in-a-lifetime experiences for couples looking to celebrate their love.

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Don Bhutanese wedding attire, which can be custom-made or purchased, and renew your wedding vows in a traditional ceremony. This full-day program begins with monks chanting all morning at an off-site loca­tion, before bringing the ceremony to you to complete the ritual. For something different, receive a thisel, a blessing ritual at Dechen Phodrang, known as the “Cave of Consummate Bliss.” 


Imagine the grandeur of the ancient Khmer kingdom as you walk down the aisle of a private temple, closed off specially for your wedding or vow renewal. Wear formal Khmer garments and participate in a traditional Buddhist ceremony. Chanting monks will bless your union while you partake in age-old spiritual rituals. Dinner, dancing and entertainment to follow, with the magnificent Angkor Wat as your backdrop.


When it comes to over-the-top celebrations, Indian weddings reign supreme. These lavish affairs last for days, with nonstop feasts and parties involving the entire community. As with many aspects of this enormous subcontinent, the rituals of the north differ from the south. Getting married in Rajasthan is a colorful event, marked by elaborate saris, elephant rides through a crowd of well-wishers, and the requisite henna tattoos painted on the bride’s hands before her wedding day. In the south, weddings are more subtle, where the couple is dressed in white and gold outfits and white garlands. In both ceremonies, a Hindu priest presides and the entire village is in attendance.


Have a royal Balinese wedding decked in ornate, traditional wedding attire. A Hindu priest will lead the ceremonial proceedings, and your ceremony will be followed by dancing and live traditional music played by a sacred gamelan orchestra, considered holy and reserved for special occasions. This music is supposed to communicate directly with the gods, asking them permission to form this human bond of holy matrimony.


What better way to say “I do” again than in a traditional ceremony in the jungles of Malaysian Borneo. Dress in traditional Iban clothing and go on a procession through the village, followed by the ritual slaying of a pig for the pig roast to be served at the wedding. After the party, you can choose to stay in a longhouse as per tradition for newlyweds.


No other destination in Asia is more evocative of a romantic beach getaway than the Maldives. While away your honeymoon in the privacy of an over-water bungalow in the Indian Ocean, or renew your vows on a sandbar. This is one of the few places where complete privacy for your wedding party is possible, since some atolls contain a single luxury resort, with no neighbors for miles of sparking blue water.


Thailand is famous for being a honeymooner’s paradise, where newlyweds go to bask in the white-sand beaches and luxury resorts of Phuket and Krabi. But there’s more to Thailand than just a beach honeymoon; for the more culturally inclined, the north has much to offer. In Chiang Mai, participate in a baci ceremony, a ritual binding of the spirits to their possessor and an expression of goodwill and good luck. In Chiang Rai, stay at a tempted camp in the midst of the jungle and enjoy a candlelit dinner with elephants in attendance. Whatever momentous event you are celebrating, mark the occasion by releasing sky lanterns into the night sky.

This is just a selection of the memorable Asia honeymoon and Asia vow renewal experiences we can incorporate into your Asia luxury holiday. Please contact us today for more information and to begin planning your trip.


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