5 Reasons to Work with
Remote Lands

All Asia, Only Asia

We focus on Asia, and Asia only. You can work with us for all Asia destinations rather than working with multiple suppliers, and multi-country trips are a breeze. Our passion for Asia and deep knowledge of Asia, from classic destinations like Rajasthan and Kyoto to the far-flung corners of Mongolia, Myanmar, Bhutan and Sri Lanka set us apart.

Asia On-Site

We are both an Asia tour operator as well as an Asia on-site, providing the best of both worlds. If you are an advisor based in the Americas, you can work with our New York sales office, or if you prefer, directly with our Asia on-site staff. While your clients are traveling in Asia, our Asia-based staff can respond quickly to your clients’ needs and address any issues they might have.

Unique Insider Experiences

Ultra-luxe travel isn't just about booking 5-star resorts and luxury vehicles; what makes our trips special is the unique experiences we can provide. We are very well-connected throughout Asia and have access to off-limits places others can’t go. Our network of local experts - specialists in such fields as art, architecture, history, photography, cuisine, bird-watching and many more – can provide your clients with exclusive and unforgettable insights.

Full Service Operator

We are a full-service provider, meaning we provide VIP airport service, accommodations (from beach resorts to villas to yachts to ger camps), transportation (from luxury sedans to riverboats to helicopters), regional flights/private jets, expert guides, entrance fees and special experiences throughout Asia. No need to use more than one supplier for your Asia clients – we can do it all.

Peer Approved

As well as being a member of the Virtuoso network, we work with many of the leading luxury travel agencies and their top advisors, including Valerie Wilson, Protravel, Frosch, Tzell, Singer, Huffman, Coastline, Mansour, and Brownell – meaning that the very best agencies in your industry are already working with us and entrusting their valuable clients to Remote Lands. The agent testimonials we receive speak volumes about the quality of our service.