A Place as Hot as Fire: Highlights of Turpan

Those on a quest to discover the ancient Silk Road often make stops in Dunhuang, Urumqi, and Kashgar, all oases on the ancient trade route, but none with as much to offer as Turpan.

Six Really Remote Lands in Asia

Thanks to the relatively recent arrival of urbanisation, most Asian countries are home to huge areas that are pretty much untouched by the modern world, places where life goes on much as it has for centuries…

Adventures in the Mongolian Gobi

Mongolia’s Gobi Desert is a magical destination featuring stellar rock formations, icy canyons, gorgeous oases, and the highest sand dunes on planet Earth.

Mrauk U – Myanmar’s Remote Land

Mrauk U, set in Myanmar’s western Rakhine State, is a magical area of ancient temples and Buddhist culture. It rivals and may soon exceed the wonders of Bagan.

Hokkaido: Japan’s Natural Playground

Remote Lands clients should consider Hokkaido, which is a lovely part of Japan. While Japan works to recover from its nuclear issues and the tsunami, showing the resilience of her people, Hokkaido looms as a northern respite.

Walking with Dragons

Labuan Bajo and the Komodo area of Indonesia is a micro-version of a trip to Jurassic Park. Getting a huge dragon to come onto the beach for a photographical essay was a major, integral part of my adventure.