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After much consideration, we’ve handpicked the perfect trips for post-pandemic Asia. Based around the themes of Open Spaces, National Parks, Wellness and Island Retreats, each journey is designed to help reacquaint you with the planet, after months of limbo and lockdown.

After being confined to one place for months on end, the desire to get up and go has never been greater. Now, finally, that time is here. Go further and farther than you've ever been. Get on the road and keep going. Traverse challenging and photogenic mountain passes on the Pamir Highway. Seek the nomadic eagle hunters in the great Mongolian steppes. Navigate blue Indonesian seas unfolding endlessly before you and discover another world just beneath the water's surface.

These trips of a lifetime to far-flung reaches of Asia will have you remembering just how vast and amazing this world is -- and how much of it you have yet to discover. Revel in endless open space and leave the feelings of confinement and memories of the pandemic in the distant past. The world is your oyster once again.

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