5 Can’t-Miss Islands in Malaysia

Whether you’re looking for a family holiday on an island full of activities or that perfect dive site swirling with barracuda, the rich islands of Malaysia have an answer.

On the Right Track

The Eastern & Oriental Express is the most lavish and well-appointed train anywhere in Southeast Asia, traveling between Singapore, Malaysia, and Thailand.

Chasing the Tail of the Pygmy Pachyderm

They have shorter trunks, rounder faces, longer tails, and smaller tusks than their Asian cousins, but what really sets the Borneo pygmy elephant apart  from the herd – apart from a reputation for friendliness – is no one is really sure how it got there.

Malaysia Truly Tastier – A Culinary Guide

Malaysia is home to countless delicious dishes whose flavorsome roots come from all over the region, reflecting the multi-ethnic tapestry that makes up Malaysian society. There are strong influences from Indian, Indonesian…

Hidden Kuala Lumpur

Malaysia’s bustling capital is a rich melting pot of flavors, smells and sights thanks to the complex tapestry woven by it inhabitants and their history. To fully immerse yourself in the beauty…

Good vs Evil: Malaysia’s Thaipusam Festival

Recently, I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to witness the Thaipusam festival in full swing, at one of the world’s most revered Hindu shrines outside of India: the Batu Caves.

Welcome to the Jungle: Adventures in Borneo

As the world’s third largest island and located in the heart of South East Asia, Borneo remains a wondrous destination for explorers, with an unspoiled paradise waiting to be rediscovered…