5 Can’t-Miss Islands in Malaysia

Tyler Roney x January 18, 2018

Whether you’re looking for a family holiday on an island full of activities or that perfect dive site swirling with barracuda, the rich islands of Malaysia have an answer.

On the Right Track

Joe Cummings x January 18, 2018

The Eastern & Oriental Express is the most lavish and well-appointed train anywhere in Southeast Asia, traveling between Singapore, Malaysia, and Thailand.

Chasing the Tail of the Pygmy Pachyderm

Travelogues x January 18, 2018

They have shorter trunks, rounder faces, longer tails, and smaller tusks than their Asian cousins, but what really sets the Borneo pygmy elephant apart  from the herd – apart from a reputation for friendliness – is no one is really sure how it got there.

Malaysia Truly Tastier – A Culinary Guide

Remote Lands x January 18, 2018

Malaysia is home to countless delicious dishes whose flavorsome roots come from all over the region, reflecting the multi-ethnic tapestry that makes up Malaysian society. There are strong influences from Indian, Indonesian…

Hidden Kuala Lumpur

Remote Lands x January 18, 2018

Malaysia’s bustling capital is a rich melting pot of flavors, smells and sights thanks to the complex tapestry woven by it inhabitants and their history. To fully immerse yourself in the beauty…