The Philippines with Kids

  The Philippines with kids The Philippines is the perfect spot for a family holiday. From gorgeous beaches and stunning natural wonders to colorful festivals alive with music and dance, it has…

LGBT Travel in The Philippines

With a capital city that’s often named the gay capital of Asia thanks to its bustling bars, clubs and shopping destinations, not to mention a sprawl of beautiful islands with every type…

Bacolod Masskara: Festival of Faces

I’ve known for some time that people in the Philippines know how to throw colorful festivals, but it wasn’t until I recently ventured to Bacolod in Negros Occidental to experience one for myself that I truly understood the spirit of a Filipino party.

Sagada’s Hanging Coffins and Caves Are To Die For

Sagada is a mysterious village in a mountainous province of the Philippines, about 250 miles from Manila. It’s just under a mile above sea-level and situated near the Chico River, much of it on switch back mountain roads.