Lens on Singapore

Jordan Hammond x January 18, 2018

Instagrammer Jordan Hammond turns his camera on the Lion City for a look at curious architecture, yachts, and the Gardens by the Bay.

On the Right Track

Joe Cummings x January 18, 2018

The Eastern & Oriental Express is the most lavish and well-appointed train anywhere in Southeast Asia, traveling between Singapore, Malaysia, and Thailand.

A Path for Every Cyclist in the Lion City

Tyler Roney x January 18, 2018

  Singapore is clean, orderly, and easily navigated, long, straight highways stretching from urban sprawl to easily reached nature reserves; one might easily see all of Singapore perched on a bike seat….

The Lion City with Kids in Tow

Remote Lands x January 18, 2018

One of southeast Asia’s most exciting, modern and cosmopolitan cities, Singapore has something for all ages. It is clean, boasts a great transport system and there’s less of a language barrier to…

A Food Tour of Singapore

Remote Lands x January 18, 2018

Where better to get your bearings and sample the culinary delights of Asia than in cosmopolitan Singapore. This multicultural city is a melting pot of the exquisite tastes from around the continent…